Youth Has No Age


Think about it what is better than a long journey on planet earth, along with health and without all the negatives that age causes. I would like to share stories of people which in my opinion are a true inspiration.

The first one is about a woman – Ruth Flowers.

She was 68 when suddenly she lost her husband. They were together more than 40 years. Ruth decided not to stay in their home where everything reminded her of her loss. Instead, she decided to start a career as a DJ. When she shared that idea with her friends they decided that she went nuts affected by the recent loss. In 2009 she is already DJ-ing in elite clubs in London, Ibiza, New York, LA, and Tokyo. She is famous for her DJ name Mamy Rock.

The second story is about a guy called Lloyd Kahn.

At the age of 65, he decides that it is a good time to start skateboarding. He stood up on a board for the first time in his life. What happened next is he fell almost immediately and hurt himself. Most people would probably give up, but that’s not the case here. This is just a reminder for him to get the protective gear and jump on it again. He shares – “I don’t do any special tricks. I don’t ride like the teenagers,” “I try not to go too fast so that I could always jump off and land on my feet. So, in my case, there’s nothing extreme about it, I just like to ride.” Lloyd has always found it important to do what he likes to and to live in harmony with himself and the world around him.

The third one is about Montserrat Mecho

She is 78 years old. The first time she jumps out of a plane with a parachute is 41 – At that moment, Montserrat admits, she felt total bliss. Montserrat has also broken a few records in swimming. She is also a downhill-skier, a windsurfer, and a diver. And, all this for the simple reason that extreme sports make her happy. In pursuing happiness, Montserrat continues to ascend into the sky, climb mountains, and submerge herself into the depths of the seas.

While I am writing these stories a question occurs. What keeps us healthy and happy while we go through life?

Making a decision to change.

Taking action.

Experimenting with oneself.

Pursue and act on the things you love.

Follow your bliss.  

Take care of your body.

The biggest predictor of your happiness and fulfillment overall in life is, basically, love.

You want to be happy, work with that which you love, with that which you are so passionate about, and you will discover things about yourself that you never thought were there. One of the best ways to find youthfulness is to keep busy doing something enjoyable.  Studies have found that doing things that you love not only increase your feeling of well-being, but they keep you feeling young and even physically healthier.

Food for thought.

The reason I shared those stories with you is that I find them to be fascinating, not only that, but they include bravery, ability to change, overcome and adapt. There is not a certain time or an age where a person loses the right to start new things. It is never too late for what makes us happy, and we have to always keep that in mind. Each day is a new opportunity, new adventure, new people along the way. Remember you are the pilot, you are in control. These are just three examples of how people’s decisions completely changed one’s direction. Pursue the things that are meaningful to you, truly. The time is now! Embrace change, try new things out, go out and experiment with yourself.

There is no better moment than the present one. Because at the end that is all that matters.

Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life. – Eckhart Tolle


The happiness-health connection.

Scientific evidence suggests that positive emotions can help make life longer and healthier. A well-chosen profession/career can be the elixir of youth! Feel-good hormones dopamine and oxytocin are released when we are engaged in an activity that we are passionate about and bring us joy – The better you get at the certain activity the more positive effect increase. It’s win-win.


Taking up a venture can improve your physical health. Engaging in any activity that you enjoy is associated with lower blood pressure, reduced waist circumference, and lower body mass index. Hobbies can also help create a more positive mental state and are associated with lower levels of depression.

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