My Last Six Months Without Eating Meat

without meat

Many people say that they cannot live a life without eating meat. Meant is essential for every kid, but once we grow up we can set to do different experiments. Previously I had experimented with intermittent fasting, now it is time for a pescetarian diet.

A Little Background

I graduated last summer and left to Gran Canaria at the end of the summer with Ivo and Ivan. It happened right after my first Youth Exchange in Luxembourg. So practically the summer never stopped, it just ended in Bulgaria and most of Europe. I always wondered what could it be living without meat and living with my vegetarian friends just made the decision for me.

without meat
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From 2.10.2018 I haven’t eaten meat, which makes 184 days. I may try soon for the taste, but living abroad it just doesn’t appeal to me if I need to eat meat. The best thing is that nobody tells you to, it is a personal choice. I like experimenting with things and for the moment I can’t really call myself a vegetarian, because I eat fish sometimes. That makes me a pescetarian, but these words include identities by their base. I like making new meals with products I haven’t looked for. Plus, the best thing I find is that it saves my mind by excluding the huge aisle and section of products in supermarkets. That preserves mental power, excluding and focusing on meaningful things makes you better decision-maker.

To be honest I didn’t expect to be so simple. I feel sometimes that I am not doing enough care, but it is simply eating enough protein and staying hydrated.

What is Different?

Switching from eating meat daily, skipping only by chance, to not eating meat completely in one day went a lot easier than I thought. I never got a meat hunger since then – it feels natural for me. But a few things have changed since then.

This is a scenario where it is fair to say that one decision makes a thousand more.

without meat
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It is true because after making the call and deciding to give up meat you need to deliberately scan for it? Especially for me traveling and living in a new country for the time being on this diet put me in a completely new context. Hence, I needed to get familiar with new food products and see if they contain meat or not. It is a new filter that you need to adopt when being hungry and scanning away for food. However, this new filter might seem like additional work – it is not. Merely you are substituting the decision-process on “What meat should I buy?” and applying the new one looking to eliminate mean containing products.

Frankly, a lot of the food products are the same in most parts of the world – I mean the basics, they just have different packets.

How Do I Feel?

I feel great, but it is hard to compare my life before I undertake this experiment. There is no room for clinical research here so I am speaking straight from my sole experience.

My energy seems to be present when I need it even if I consume less protein on a daily basis. I also fast sometimes, but that would be a different story for another time. It appears, however that protein is not the only thing giving me energy. I consume a lot more carbs than I have been used to like – bread, rice, potatoes, and snacks.

without meat
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Healthy vegetarian snacks could be surprisingly easy to find. Some already notorious examples are nuts, fruits, protein shakes, sandwiches, smoothies, bars, and etc. To your delight, I would share my top favorite that recently we have discovered with my buddies – rice cookies with hummus.

On the side, I want to mention that vegetarianism is perhaps helping the world as well. Many influencers make a lot of noise about special diets(such as vegetarianism, etc.), although I was skeptical initially it may have some validity in what they are saying. Fundamentally that noise gravitates around the notion that being vegetarian would save our planet. Sadly, I cannot measure my effect on the grand skim of things, and how true it is. But at least it makes people feel good about themselves, speaking from personal experience.

Are You Down for an Experiment?

So why should you try this meatless diet?

Maybe you don’t I am not suggesting you be a vegetarian. All I am writing this story for is to bring this experiment to mind.

Are you willing to do the experiment?

The best thing is that you don’t need to follow any specific requirements and dogmas. That’s why it is an experiment – at least  I call it like this. Also, I found this experiment valuable because I learned to cook beans and lentils like traditional Bulgarian cuisine. As simple as it might look that for me is a life-changer, to be able to cook such meals means you can feed not only yourself and other people too. Plus you can do it cheaply and it is healthy.

My final message is: Keep in mind that whatever you decide to put in your body is inevitably affecting your brain too. We are holistic beings and taking care of our body is carrying for the whole system we embody.



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