Why the Sun Makes Us Happy?

I believe they are too types of people in matter of light/dark preferences. Some prefer to be wild at night, while others play it safe during the day. This is merely a categorization of preferences, which people prefer night-time more than daylight, or vice versa.
There are a lot of sunny days throughout the year. Of curse there is more sun during the summer, yet you can also get sun burned during the winter. Weather is so common topic that we tend to forget its meaning often. At least I do. My understanding of it is based on the  power and energy that light gives us. I am not talking about solar gazing, which in fact is very fascinating. We are constantly absorbing the light before us, and it influences us a lot. How do I know that? My travelling led me to Czech Republic, which has only an hour difference with my home country, Bulgaria.

One hour of sun light appears to be a big difference. We dont event talk about the total lack of it. It will be a completely different feeling for your. 

Why some people still complain about the weather? Because we all love light and sometimes we don’t get enough of it. Of curse we all want to feel warm. Warmth is a symbol of security of peace and pleasure. Leave all the rest here, Sun is making us happy! Not heat, not summer.  Summer is a dreamland for more care free vibes shared with friends and family. It is amazing truly magical in those given moments of peace and pleasure. But does that mean that we need to be sad for the rest of the year? The way look at this is that if I am so strongly influenced by the light I will find it whenever it is.

Dont be a slave of time, the light moves in its own pace. Be smart enough to catch it.

You know it’s really the winter that makes you appreciate it. I love winter. It is full of warmth and cold, And that polarity is really making me feel alive. You experience life in its raw form. It is the way trough the cold reaching out to the fire and light. Which are human discoveries. Thanks to our resourceful mother nature. But we tend to forget to get more sun during the cold season. It’s harder to get up earlier, and what happens it that we witness only a few hours of daylight. significantly insufficient.
Light is “Vitamin D”, but not every light. But sunlight. It is so important for ourselves that it’s absence can make us sad and lazy. It is vital for our immune system, it also helps fighting diseases and loosing weight. While sunlight is important to get vitamin D, some people can’t get enough by it alone. Another source of it to consider are foods high on vitamin D – Salmon, herring, sardines, mushrooms, canned tuna, whole eggs and shrimp. Also some fortified foods like milk, cereal, yogurt and orange juice.

And when the sun rise up again we go out to greet it.

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