Waking up Early


Why waking up early is important, what are the benefits and what are my morning routines to kick off the day properly.

 Life most of the time is a confidence game and what getting up early gives you is a productive feeling. Feeling that you own the day. First thing first you will probably notice that your days will become longer and you will have more time. That means you can achieve all of your daily goals, instead of just sleeping 2-3 more hours you do not really need. Working on your goals, while the world is still sleeping. How that’s sound? This builds a tremendous amount of confidence. We all have the same amount of time each and every single day. What we do with that time is entirely up to us.


Kick off your day with a routine.

It can be anything – meditation, journaling, planning your day, yoga, workout and etc. Personally I am doing a short workout to get the blood flowing. I stretch and afterward, I take a cold shower. The so-called “Wim Hoff” Method. Working out gets your blood flowing, stretching helps you overcome the grogginess and the cold shower is refreshing – feels awesome. Of course, you can modify your workouts and add to them.

Plan your morning workouts or routines before going to bed.

Thinking and planning first thing in the morning can lead to procrastination. Once you have prepared how your morning routine would look like, you know what to do when the alarm goes off. Get up and execute. You can also plan your day aheadIt gives you a pleasant feeling and a better sleep as well. The better the sleep, the easier is waking up, right?

Words we say to ourselves early in the morning.

“Everything sounds good. I want to get up early and start my day properly, but I just cannot help it”.

That is the case for a lot of people, this was the case for me as well. In the beginning, it’s hard I know, but once you start doing it every day, it gets easier and once you develop it as a habit you won’t even think about it.

“When the alarm goes off, I snooze and afterward I feel even worse”.

Discipline is the answer.

Discipline knows what you have to do and it is going to scream at you until you get it done. Discipline doesn’t propose. It demands, and it makes a plan to follow through. It doesn’t give you a choice, so you never get to excuse your way out of whatever it is you are trying to do to better yourself. You don’t get to make excuses. You just do what is necessary, no matter what.

The secret of getting up early is going to bed early.

How do we do that, because that’s also an issue – it’s simple you have to be tired. How do we get tired by getting up early and getting shit done. Be active and you will notice that the first week you will want to go to bed before 11pm. Another tip to go to bed early is switching your phone and computer off. Instead, you can journal, meditate or read a book. Thousand times more beneficial.

This the way I view things about early mornings, morning routines. It can have a great impact on you, as it did on me. Experiment with yourself, see what works for you. Remember we all have 24 hours, it depends on how we use that time. Please use it wisely.

Buddha says:

“The trouble is, you think you have time.”

P.S. I hoped you enjoyed reading and found at least some of the information useful. Please do write in the comments, how it is working for you, or if you have your own methods & rituals related share them with us. Also if you have any question feel free to ask.

Own your day, own your life!

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