Why Everybody Loves Nutella?

I don’t get it, that is crazy. It is mind-blowing how many people love Nutella. It’s like it has never saw a bad day.
A rewarding treasure for every seeker. Exclusively sweet delight made for the people. Such a goodness that spreads love around and see no bad days. It is cheap and accessible for everybody.
It’s a company’s right to keep their secret recipes and techniques. So nobody know why nutella is so good. The same as Coca Cola. But both products have sugar. Meaning a lot of sugar in small quantity. Sugar is a killer. Someone even call it “white death”. It causes a lot of damage to people’s health. It is not, the cause of diabetes. But it increases the chance of getting one. It also can add a few pounds on top of your weight. Which can cause a cardiovascular problems. It pumps up your blood pressure. And that can lead to the next… And of curse we do not thing about those possibilities now. We don’t need to.
Nutella is here for you. And she loves you even more than last time. She makes you forget every worry you have. She will be glad to listen you singing your favorite song, but never paid attention to the damage it leaves. Sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine and other drugs. It is the most addictive substance on the planet. Which almost everybody is abusing. And of curse it is everywhere.

Despite all the bars, donuts, ice creams, chocolates, fitness products and all those containing sugar, there are some who don’t. Those are fruits. Honey might be a solution. I love it, it is a gift from the nature. It helps you build your immunity and it is considerate as an aphrodisiac. It is so useful that you can use it even for healing wounds, it is antiseptic. The fact is that, depends on the production, it also may consist sugar. And in most cases it does.
The rest of the products nowadays are made of some artificial sweeteners, substituting sugar. Some of them, which you might heard of are aspartame, stevia, saccharin, nectar, syrups and much more. What does that tell us? We all created this need for sugars. We all crave it. And by reading this list, we can only find another proper fit, which eventually hurt us.
With all that pleasure deriving from sugar, how can we forbid it for ourselves. Is it the right thing to do? No. It is only the fact that we can not control ourselvs to limit it. Not everyday, but once or twice a week is different. Our bodies will fill different. It will boost us with energy. We will have more to give and that will aspire us to do what we love.
Forbidding doesn’t serves me good whenever I try to stop eating sweets. While limiting it sound more self liberating and it doesn’t make you cry right after you make the commitment. It is a slow process wich later will make you decrease it drastically. Start small to turn out big.

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