My Intermittent Fasting Experiment

Why breakfast is not the most important meal of the day anymore.

Who Said Breakfast is a Must?

Breakfast is perceived as the most important meal of the day.

Does not matter the culture, from the West to the East, people eat breakfast. Everybody has different preferences here for what exactly is going to be. My grandmother used to give a reason why, and there used to be a boy who always listens to her.

Learn from Your Ancestors

The security and frequency of our meals were a very unpredictable three centuries ago.

And from then on what has changed?

First and foremost the refrigerator. Of curse, it has a massive impact on our lives. And I am assuming everybody reading this post has one. It has changed the way we store food, the way we choose which food to store, the time we eat, the quality of our food and much more things creating this chain of events.

Intermittent Fasting
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And all that started only a few hundred years ago.

Linking breakfast and refrigerator might be the case for some people.

But Not for Everybody

It turns out that the myth of the most important meal of the day is not by default breakfast. Of curse, we are all starving upon waking up early in the morning. But rushing to the fridge on autopilot isn’t the best solution.

Modern times have offer us the ability to choose our own diet plan and to make our own schedule.

I remember when my parents used to cook for me everything was set in the exact time every day.

And that I found to more important than what you eat. Do not get me wrong, the food itself is responsible for most of our health conditions. However, the frequency is very crucial.


Intermittent Fasting
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Because it sets a rhythm in our body. Receiving food at the same time every day makes the stomach to self-regulate when to release acids or not. Along with enzymes. But acids can be good and bad. Imagine what happens to your stomach when you eat whenever you feel like it. Sometimes its ready and sometimes … not precisely.

It makes you feel uneasy when you have no food in your stomach, but yet there are acids and enzymes, like pepsin, ready to roll. That’s why it is hard to change your time for a breakfast or any other meal.

Alright back to the breakfast. It should be evident by now, I don’t eat breakfast anymore. The reason is intermittent fasting.

Not a Diet, But a Regime

It is understood to be a diet. But for me, it is just a proper eating habit. A regime. It has substantial health benefits. It explains a lot of reason why we should fast for a particular time every day. The focus is on the fact, that we used to hunt and look for food when we still missed refrigerators. Fasting was a regular process of human digestion. Now being surrounded with all kind of foods it is a matter of our snap decision whether we want to eat or not. Whenever we feel like it …

Intermittent Fasting
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Well, that tends to be the problem of a lot of modern diseases and obesity.

Just to lay out a basic understanding of this regime.

Its purpose is to create a cycle for you, the cycle of repetitive meals that you will follow. It emphasizes when do you eat more than what. The critical point is fasting.

Exactly how is entirely your call. It may be 14 hours, and you have 10 left for eating phase of the day. You have an options to create a different schedule for yourself. The fasting and eating phases may vary from 10/8/6 for eating to 14/16/18 for fasting. Still, keep in mind that this is only a recommendation and I am not a physician. Fasting may need to be guided and supported by your personal physician’s advice.

The Perks

Let’s imagine that you are on board for this experiment. Some benefits might be:

  • Increased metabolism
  • lose weight/gain weight (if you workout)
  • Increased concentration and brainwork
  • Setting a proper rhythm for your digestion

I feel those benefits, but there is much more that resonates with different people. Take those as a general example, but do not get disappointed, if you do not get them. It is a serious topic and I am barely scratching the surface here. However, it is my recommendation for anyone who is trying to live healthily.

PS: The presence of a light in the fridge during night doesn’t mean that you should use it right then and there 🙂

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