Who Are You Gonna Be, If You Could Become Whatever You Want?


It sounds like you need some extraterrestrial power here to help you change. But seriously think about the following questions.
Can we really change our current situation? 
What, if we see no limits for our greatness?
What will happen, if you could become anything? Is your choice going to be easier or harder?
Which superhero are you going to pick, or you are going to create your own?
Yes it might sound like some philosophy far from reality, but lets take a look from what is really stopping us. As a simple imagination exercise try to answer the previous questions. And perhaps when you try, you will see it isn’t that easy, although it is just a thought experiment. Our mind is creating this million other possibilities to pick from when there are no boundaries. They expand our imagination and our choice gets more difficult. Or maybe it’s just me.

Here is what we could do. Accepting external rules and dogmas are somewhat necessary, if we want to fit in the system. While some of them we could replace with our own. What I mean by that? Well the questions actually aren’t that much far from the future to become reality. That isn’t some magical show and I am not talking about the circus. In fact, take a look what Space X have done in the last years. It takes a lot to launch a rocket into space. And not even that, but to make more progress than NASA or Russian’s Roscosmos. That was building the first reusable rocket. Also Moon Express is aiming extremely high. Naveen Jain is an astonishing man, with goals so big that he literally knows no boundaries. At least for us it looks like that. Where he first knew he wants to become and set his own boundaries. His company is planning to launch a first robotic mission to go to the Moon and start exploring its natural resources. Where he initially intends to extract and collect Helium 3 to bring it back to Earth, that is only the beginning. Helium 3 has the potential power to fire fusion nuclear reactors and create energy. Where this is a big enough change by itself, he aims far beyond it. Landing on the moon is only going to be the first milestone to a multiplanetary life, is what he says.  And there are other people like Jeff Bezos and sir Richard Branson, who as well are aiming for the space.
This example is just a preview of what is possible. And new opportunities arise with each technical solution brought to the market. Where technology is often understood as machines and electronics it can be much more. It is also well implemented in medicine and neuroscience, pharmacology and education. Those domains are growing with huge exponential trends and it seems they are not stopping. And everything that is being created is getting tempting to buy. We seek the different we seek the new crazy stuff, that’s how we are wired. That is how Internet of Things is boosting data science, when we buy those new technologies. We are measuring our activity in multiple ways and everything in return gets back into analysis and modification.
Is now answering those initial questions now more compelling? I hope so. Where we constantly move from seeking pleasure and avoiding pain we restrict growth. But some of us overcome those blocks. And truly it is hard, but seeking for something more is the key. Being comfortable is temporary, because there is always some of us trying to get our spot. It is a battle. Funny enough, I don’t believe that one’s success determines other person’s failure. But comfort and procrastination does.

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