When You Are Lost

When you are lost is a time to act even more!

Everybody gets in a place in time, where they are in between a crossroad, perhaps with multiple exits. You feel lost. This is my way out.

Decisions Matter

In this age of revolutionary technologies creating spacecraft and virtual realities, we have absolute infinite possibilities. How can we tap into those is our personal choice and responsibility. However, I found it very hard to choose a medium. Business is a big one, but is it a medium or even a smaller section of the spectrum? Speaking from my observations I see many friends, from across countries, that continuously change jobs.

Throughout our working life, we specialize deeper and deeper.

We get a new job and suddenly from there we see something related to what we want to do, but not precisely. Which leads to the next, where we see another subtle thing that redirects us to another domain. But eventually, we are going to reach that point of fewer things to try and much to upgrade.

Meaning its time to commit and specialize.

Photo by Ed 259 on Unsplash

Life is based on decisions, and those can be especially hard to make when you are young. Isn’t it funny that the most critical decisions in our life are in our 20’s when we are not that mature? We ought to make them better in any case, for personal benefits – generally. But it is true.

The earlier you decide the faster you are going to see if that is the right decision or not.

Action is a tool, in this case, to test decisions.

You are melting time with action, much faster than with thinking about stuff. Why? Just because action gives you feedback that you need and thinking give you nothing in return, by itself only.

Life choices over time are going to bring value, doesn’t matter which way we take. It is going to lead us to the right destination.

Having faith is critical to honor your decisions. You honor them every day with action.  Only if you believe that you are making the right choice. Make a choice and never look back. At least for some time.

Keep in mind that from making a choice. That decision is sealing the commitment that is putting you in a situation, in witch new choices emerge. It never ends. Why not get better at it than?

It is Time To Act

“Live your life in your 20’s as you are planting the seeds you are going to harvest at your 30’s”


Which I directly relate with experimentation, but that needs to be measured, wisely. Any new endeavor is gonna give you something, however, it takes time. And time to reflect on it is saving time. Just give yourself time to try out something new, but go hard in it. Like a new internship, it takes 3-4 months, sometimes even six. Later evaluate and decide if you are going to enroll or switch lanes (gangsta). Ask yourself what is valuable and go for it. Both for you and society. Where you are the one doing it, you will be the one struggling/enjoying and society is going to reject/appreciate it.

Everybody has a lifestyle, the difference is who made yours. Is it self-created, copied or influenced?

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