When Things Go Wrong

When things go wrong you have to be prepared to deal with it alone.

A thirty minutes ago I was swimming in the pool, first time after 8 years. It was great experience. I felt alive again. Somehow I still remember how to swim.
Things went wrong for me. I had a multiple ear surgeries, beforehand that really didn’t allow me to do so. Flashlight forward I just decided to go again, but not in the ocean, not in the sea, just in a small pool. Save environment that give the courage to try. Because I need to avoid water by all means I put those earplugs that I bought online recently. First time I ever used them. But somehow I trusted them. So I jumped in and start swimming. I felt like revived, just loosing your bodyweight in the water felt so releasing. But thinking about he earplugs made me push them a little bit too much inside. After five more laps I felt tired and exhausted. I was happy with the workout, but then something happen. I couldn’t get one out of my ear.
Why I am telling this story now? Maybe you never had my experience, but things sometimes go wrong, nevermind who you are. Life simple doesn’t care. This moments are stressing ourselves and making us more awake. Awake for our flaws. Everybody has them, even presidents, CEOs of big companies and business owners. But most of us run away from them. We hide our scars and shy away from them.
Revealing your story how you struggled I believe is powerful tool. It brings more serenity to oneself. It is healing for the soul and can make you even a little proud that you have passed that test. 

In a sense life is about strengthening your skills and accepting your flaws.

We no longer live in the era of renesans. When smart artists like Mikel Angelo and Leonardo Da Vinci made their remarkable contribution to the world. They knew so many things in so many different domains of work. While then was perceived as a glamorous achievement, today is a simply impossible. Our knowledge in every field of knowledge is far more deeper. That means that trying to learn everything in the same time will only slow you down. Yet there are polymaths who still exists, but not many as there are “jack of all trades”. Specialization nowadays requires a lot of work and devotion, focused on one thing. Easier said than done…
 Often times I tend to get serious for small stuff, often times I tend to get very goofy. And perhaps I miss the right moments for one and the other. It starts to get awkward and I feel how my body is stressing out and I turn into my head. It’s just so restraining that trumps your performance. Well those moments will come, we all know that humans do make errors and it’s okay. Some are not so easily forgiven, however time is at our favor. Better later than never.
What was your last situation of those? How did it end? 
PS: I am sure that everything is okay now, pat yourself on the shoulder. 🙂 

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