When Plans Turn to Reality

Here I explain how I make plans and what happens when they turn to reality

Here it is, deep snow, powder, basically sponsored to snowboard. Not a simple plan, a dream come true. Just about a year, after I glimpsed the world of snowboarding. 
In a small place, somewhere in the mountains in Czech Republic. A resort which is known as “the best” in the country. It is pretty magical. For the people who have been already to top resorts in the leading countries it may sound a little exaggerated. But for me that was everything that I was planning get.
This currently brought me to mind how plans are made and how important that is for our goals and dreams. We all have them, but sometimes we rather play it more carefree. Why? Because we tend to be mindless about them or as I often rationalize myself, spontaneous. Well there isn’t anything bad with spontaneity per se, but it is not effective in the realm of results.
It can be a good thing to plan. But sometimes you set to less tasks or too more. You miss the center, the perfect effort for the perfect result. And nothing is perfect, rather optimal it can always be. How than we can make it come true? Despite all factors coming across this topic time and action are critical. With enough time you can distribute action, but when you don’t have it… We all what follows, more work and less sleep. As the old waiter’s saying “If you don’t use your head, you will use your legs”.
All that counts, after all are the results.
In order to start tackling issues along the way to meet than plan you made for yourself we need to consider the following. This I remember clearly from some classes in my second year in university. Plans are entirely focused on the internal, where predicting is focused on the external. Meaning, when you plan things, whatever it might be, they are all at your locus of control. Making a birthday party, planning a vacation, getting a rise, better job, etc. The planning process and the e is your responsibility, because it is within your locus of control. I view planning as a systematic way of solving tasks along the way, until you reach the final destination. It is that simple. Predicting is the opposite, though. Like the weather forecast, for example, we know it’s based on science, but it’s not 100% accurate. Like all predictions. Why? Because they are outside your locus of control. You are reaching out for something, but that same thing is dependent on too many factors, which are also outside your control. When it happens that your predictions about the future meet, you deserve at least to pat yourself on the back. Because it is very rare to meet predictions with reality. As, if it is a final decision(the event) that is carried over time where things change and we see how our bets(our prediction) move during that time, when we said it is the moment.
That’s why it’s better on focusing on planning, not predicting.
When all struggles finally end, it is time to celebrate. It’s up to you how. Just make it memorable. That really helps to make you believe yourself more and build confidence. It’s simple. Start small so you get more references, of job well done. But, often you have to lower your criteria about the outcome. It’s not going to be anything glamorous the first time, but it will be over time. If you stick with the path.
That moment, when your plans meet, though, it’s so sweet. It lights you up, it makes you happy. And you honor it with pleasure.
Well those are the moments we all seek, but then occurs strange realization. As we enjoy the benefits of our plans we make new ones, often towards the same direction. To support those happy moments and for future. By creating new plan … It will never end, so why not getting better at it.
PS: The internet here isn’t much reliable, yet I will found a way to post more often.

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