Walking Meditation: Go for A Walk

walking meditation

Life sometimes offers us the opportunities to go through the motions just like going for a walk with your sunglasses and earbuds. If you have a spare twenty minutes, consider that a walking meditation.

A walk like that could also put you in the moment, shaking you off from stress, worries, and pointless conversations you have been tried to keep alive for nothing. Yes, it is a solo walk; a time spends with yourself. It’s what I do as well.

I love being around people and I wouldn’t be best at it if I don’t spend time with myself.

Walking Meditation

It really feels like walking meditation when I put my dimed blackish sunglasses on and pair my earbuds to inject my go-to playlists in these moments. It is not the same as doing that in the car, bus, or on the plane.

I miss the ability to move there.

“Motion creates emotion” as the infamous quote suggests walking creates emotion too. You can use that to your own advantage. You have the controller in your hands to switch to a more desirable emotion.

Whenever you feel your winding down or you just need to take a break from work that is the perfect opportunity to enter the tunnel. The tunnel is what I call the feeling of flow inside your veins whenever you choose to walk outside your door walking.

Everything besides what’s beside you disappear – it is meaningless. You want to focus on what you see forward, go for it. Let everything else pass by you.

But don’t mistake this with the causal morning walk to work or coming back home after your work shift. I know you might be listening to music wearing sunglasses before and here is where I think that’s different.

  • Walk with purpose, but without direction
  • Walk for at least twenty minutes
  • Walk alone
  • Don’t forget your sunglasses (on a sunny day) and headphones
  • Don’t stop moving
  • Don’t check your phone, don’t answer phone calls

I believe that would be enough to tune in your own frequency. If it isn’t, well, you might as well smoke a “J” before you start.

The Sunglasses Make All the Difference

Yes, without sunglasses it won’t be the same. I mean the sunglasses make all the difference walking and listening to music, secretly thanks to Bluetooth earbuds or other headsets. If it wasn’t for the sunglasses, I would be fringing and frowning when the sun is glowing on my face.

Maybe it is just me, but it affects my experience a great deal.

Sunglasses, on the other hand, help me relax, my face just melts under the sun instead of resisting the light. Even cheap ones could work.

walking meditation
Photo by Mac Cervantes on Unsplash

Put Your Records On

I love that song, a bit old, but still classic – Put Your Records On – by Corinne Bailey Rae. You can select yours. Actually it would be better to compile a playlist if you don’t have one already.

Sometimes I need something new to listen to, but sometimes it is just the same old song spinning in my head on repeat. It is simply great to have music on command, which is basically energy on command.

Music is energy. Music has therapeutic powers and it doesn’t even hurt.

“Music is one of the great awakening forces”

Chriss Assaad

I wasn’t so into music before I sign up for the Premium Spotify account and got my first iPhone along with Beats by Dre Bluetooth earbuds. Life is not the same anymore.

The whole point of this idea of walking meditation is to keep you going. You don’t want to stop smelling the roses in that drill. You just want to lose yourself in the action of walking. It is a simple trick that helps me get in the flow.

Flow Lifestyle Design

walking meditation
Photo by Seth Fink on Unsplash

Many things could lead to a flow state. Triggers are getting ever more familiar to folks around the world. More and more people are getting to know the power of that phenomenon.

It is remarkable how the knowledge of some simple tricks scientifically called triggers could enhance your state of mind. Potentially even your well-being if you adopt the whole flow of lifestyle ideology.

Flow lifestyle design is about establishing better control over yourself. It is to design your life, a better life, the life you want for yourself. In my mind that is a selfless, timeless, effortless, and creativity richness – like the FGP puts it STER (from the book Stealing Fire: by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal)

This walking meditation might sound simple, yet I fully believe that it has a great overall effect not only on your mood but on your productivity. You can’t work non-stop at 100% efficiency. That’s why this might be exactly what you need after getting lunch, for example, to digest and set your mind free.

Of course, there are a lot of other means to get into a similar state of mind. It is a matter of style like running or driving. I do run as well, but the case with the “walking meditation” is that it is highly accessible.

The Message

You might have heard already that plugging out is working very nice for reconnecting to what you have to do later, better than if you don’t.

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”

Anne Lamott

That’s why I decided to share my “walking meditation” flow trigger with you today. I hope you give it a try. It is something rather familiar, but different.

Keep in mind though that this story and others on the blog are probably to be the same for you, but not inevitably identical.

Choose your time to be undisturbed from people, messages, work, get a pair of sunglasses and put your records on. All you are left to do now is to start walking and don’t stop. Get in the tunnel of walking in the city observing familiar and unfamiliar places.

Lose yourself before you find yourself again.

Then you can check your phone again and proceed with a smile throughout your day.

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