Understanding Culture

Laying out the fundamental dynamics to understand culture

Have you ever traveled abroad? With this travel hype nowadays, chances are that you have probably visited at least one foreign country. Ok good, so what, you might ask.
Culture is certainly a topic that is really getting more significant this century, compared to our evolution through humanity. Why? This is due to the continuous improving globalization. Geographical spaces start to shrink and lose sense over the large scheme of things. Planes are flying from one continent to another in matter of hours. Calls and texts are instantly received on the opposite side of the world. And new technology like 3D emerges constantly, providing us with the extraordinary ability to dematerialized objects and to reconstruct them again.

It is bewildering how quickly these have boundaries are being erased with technology like pencil from a canvas.

Shrinking these boundaries is freeing people of living only in their county for life. travelling is getting accessable. So do people travel more and more often. Corporations start to open their doors for every race and nationality. But what is missing? We are not opening ourselves to explore them. We are missing personal skills. I count myself in that category certainly.  I have worked in a multicultural environment and it is truly complicated. People are judging others for their actions and words, but that is what it look on the surface. The root cause is culture. We have this  more like judgemental behaviour. And it is not good place to be, I have been there aswell. The key is perspective.

Culture is something that technology can not change in flash of light. There is no application that can solve this issues. At least there are no evidence of this happening soon. However these issues are problems of diversity and differences.

I believe they are universal principles that are equally important for every race and nation. That is becoming more and more evident as I am travelling to from a country to country. But it is important to stay for a while and connect with the national culture. There are huge rewards for us, if we succeed managing these complicated relations. It is not a secret that different nations have what economic calls “unfair advantage”. It basically entails that every country has more from one resource than other, cost for certain goods are low compared in other geographic regions. And the same applies in other of cognitive skills and personal traits. Some are better leaders, where other solve problems faster.

Sharing is a requires at least two sides, but it can me practiced and between more parties. Sharing is a free and sharing can save us. Peace and happiness multiplies when is being shared. Lets give it a try.

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