Typical J1s

Lake Tahoe

Work and travel, the American dream for every student  is getting real. And what more from an opportunity like this you want? 

To travel abroad. Getting in touch with new places and cultures. Making money on top of that is a good shot for a summer. Pushed by the curiosity, your adventurous spirit and a little touch of faith you decide to go far away from home.

Okay you are ready. Got a job offer, plane tickets,  all documents done. One step closer.  Now it’s time for your visa interview. Your turn is coming you are getting nervous, you know you  are almost in. The woman is looking at you, already checked your information, your documents seems legit. Now she is just asking questions to see if you are a potential emigrant, but you know that and you pass it smooth, your visa is approved !

While you are leaving the embassy you are thinking about that little lie you made before. Maybe you put a fake living address and you don’t have a place to live. Maybe you are going to leave your job as soon as you get some cash. Is it my mistake for this leap of faith or?  Maybe it’s the best way to start your summer…of course it is.


                                                                                                                                             Sunset over Lake Tahoe, California, USA

“…at least burst upon us –

a noble sheet of blue water lifted six thousand three hundred feet above the level of the sea, and walled in by a rim of snow- clad mountain picks that towered a loft full three thousand feet higher still…I thought it must surely be the fairest picture the whole earth affords”.

                                                                                                       Mark Twain “ Roughting It “ 1872

In your brightest dreams you never did imagined about a place like this, where everything is possible, a pure description of heaven. It takes your breath away, daily with all of its unlimited beautiful gifts.

A true gem in the middle of the desert, hidden in the mountains. Surrounded with snowy picks filling it’s crystal waters from thousands of years ago. With a wildlife so close to you and so many opportunities for doing any activity you want. Starting from hiking, trough snow sports, then motocross, surfing, swimming, camping and why not all in a same day. Who stops you ?

The only thing that you need is time and money and in United States of America you are literally selling your time for money.  You can make a lot if that is what you want, but anyways I hated it. How could I work for 9,10,12 hours a day and letting this magical place to go between my fingers. No way, I need my freedom most of everything.

 In my opinion americans are rude, without intention to offend anyone, but its true coming with a historical perspective and as a J1 you are getting exploited most of the times.

The deal is to do whatever you want. Starting from work, getting high,  or leaving without concern of getting fired was a main hobby. Skateboarding away from the store with a stolen bottle of alcohol and some fruits in your pockets. Swimming naked in the night, while a bear is looking for food on the beach, being a savage. Lifting a car with your bear hands on the highway and changing its tire while on a way of a fake weeding. Taking some drugs,  turning vegetarian,  walking through the desert in the middle of the day high as fuck, going hiking in a national parks, the list is endless…


Broken and homeless, but still…

Craving for our freedom me and my buddy knew that we need to get paid as much as possible for less time as possibe.

Having enough time for everything we wanted to do. And in California you can do a lot of things and go to so many different places. At first both of us started  as a prep-cookers in small fast food place, through landscaper, surf renter  and then we ended the summer as a houseman’s in one of the best resorts in all California- Martis Camp. Working 3-4 days a week with enough money and time to travel. Humbly from my side, this is just an example that you can achieve everything you want, and that was just a small short term goal.

The point of view is really an important factor. Most of the times you are getting challenges from life that you have to deal with. For example if you suddenly got homeless in California you don’t panic.Because you have a thousands of opportunities around the lake in form of trees where you can hang you hammock and get the best morning ever. And in this magical place Tahoe, things are getting real really soon. After enough camping you find the perfect privet room in house. A mexican family, 2 dogs and a father that smokes more than you do.


For me personally this was a unique experience with an endless number of  unforgettable moments, joyful emotions, important lessons and visions. I met interesting people and spent good time with them. Also it helped me to build deeper connection with the nature and a better understanding of the universal laws.

Your time on Earth is your only source you have, so use it wisely ! For the things that you like, with the people you met in your life and in things you find meaning in.

The experience, good or bad that, you are getting from your decisions is priceless, so don’t be afraid from the unknown.


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