Transition of Our Age

A lot of times we see science as something complicated, it is found by youngsters to be very boring from early age. Unless you are a complete geek and an outcast.
But here we are, a little grown up and we can devout some time learning a bit about science. And moreover it is about the foundations. Every science has an object and subject. Defining those is the initial point of interaction. I had learned that my second year in university. I didn’t remember much about sociology, however that applies to every science.

How to identify them?

Object is the largest part of the theme. It is more abstract. Where subject is very specific. For example, one object could be used for many scientific subject researches. However, every science has its own core subject and object.

Because we, humanity, are going to face much more greater problems in the near future, if we don’t “think” our way out.
Science is building our technological powers at the cost of our governance ability to protect to use them. 

As uncle Ben once said “With the big powers comes the big responsibility”.

Yet we have a tools that give us enormous power such as iPhone, IOT, AI, modern vessels, medicine and so on. Where we lack the tools that make us adequately responsible to make policies.

What is to be smart?

Cognitive reasoning is what we find smart about people. It is constructed in a way to see the logic between things. That leads us to be more analytical. Where creativity is praised, if you already have it. We don’t usually adore the creative process. They might be smart, but not creative people. While most of the creatives we could say they are smart too.
Science nowadays is generally working based on reductionist theory. Which is in a way reverse engineering of complicated issues. It helps to  deconstruct large piece of content to a smaller chunks of information. But where that ends is the disconnection of the big picture. It is as much important to see the large scheme of things. To be able to imagine, to envision the components and all the necessary steps to complete the project.
Big picture stimulates altruism and empathy towards humanity. It is vital for our human growth to integrate coherent environment for living. Meaning to develop our communication and governance to manage our internal locus of control.  I will give you an example. To emulate this idea in the real world we need to develop more awareness towards our power. Our digital power. It is common sense, in a way, that digital sphere is exponentially growing. But our challenge is to grow our capability to establish reliable source of governance to mange that technology.

That is a problem that is going to become more and more necessary in the following years. It is complex indeed. That’s why it is hard to make sense of what it is happening. And not to mention coming up with a solution. It requires some new infrastructure that people can rely on. Such as government institutions, but not top-down. Doesn’t matter the management approach, it is still yet not found the one who will solve that complex issue.
Our attention is so precious, it is paying marketers and it shift our focus from what really matters. So how we can preserve it? Design your surroundings to raise your consciousness to a point where we make a sense of what is happening.
PS  > to be continued.

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