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Working and grinding is necessary to survive. And essential for success. However, why do we work so much if we can’t enjoy what we currently have?
Everybody has a different way to spend their free time. That’s a sure thing. But one thing is fairly common – we get bored. We need variety. Sometimes spontaneous invitation can makes us jump and do things we might never considered possible. While planned trips and vacation may turn out very boring and disappointing. That’s what we don’t want to happen.
Do we have to make plans for a our spare time?
You never know what is going to happen when you make a trip to unknown places. Even if you plan it. Randomness is the key element for a fun vacation. With the right amount of it you will get to see things that you would never be able to plan. And conversely by making plans we block our time and the possibility of missing out.

Have you ever had a vacation that you expect all year and after which you need to go back to work, but you feel tired? You are not alone. I believe that is how it should be. That doesn’t mean it hadn’t have a exciting time off. While some people prefer getting into sleep and no action activities, they get tired too. In fact, doing nothing is even harder sometimes, isn’t it?
It is this time of the year when everybody has some extra time off. And we have planned things for the big moments, Christmas and NYE. And friends and family are there to make it special. In the mean time there might be something extra time left for us.
Eating snacks and Nutella is the perfect remedy for a dark, cold night. Why not? Because we more prone to lose momentum.
Getting off track is a luxurious moment. Rather keep celebrating with a pace that preserves your habits. Otherwise, braking momentum is going to require much energy and work to get back on track.
PS: Happy holidays! Experience the cold season.

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