There is nothing in between …

There is nothing in between …

Speaking about growth and experiencing life I want to do as many things as “impossibly” you can imagine. You perhaps want too! With a lot of imagination, of course. It is key for feeding your muse exploring the world. But often times, as eastern gurus would say, the key is hidden in you. 
A journey for a lifetime starts with curiosity. It is adventure to try out new things, you might heard of before, still never tried yet. It is even more rewarding jumping into the unknown and uncertain dynamics of an adventure sport or a long travel. But it all takes courage. And courage isn’t just a momentary thing. It needs to be honored everyday in order to be kept alive when you need it. You have to act accordingly your decisions to honor your courage. Well it sounds a lot of work, doesn’t it ? Who does so much?

Winners get everything, losers pick what is left.

It is so unbelievable true that we are crafting our own fortune. Self-discipline and responsibility are qualities that show if the person has grit or no. It is vital though to carry that carefree vibe to keep your mood uplifted. Not only that but it is good for the spirit, it is good to share that positive aura with other people while communicating. And surprisingly you will want to talk more.

There is nothing in between.

Either we improve or we get bad. And the key lies in the decisions we make. Even when take a step back and refuse to make a decision we make another one. But it is so subtle that we might miss the fact we did. Despite our awareness of these decisions we act upon them later on. It is just our brain using us.
Conversely grind and excel doesn’t always brings joy and fulfilment. In fact everything that we perceive outside is a human creation, except nature. Time is a vague dream and everything loses its meaning after the moment is gone. Everything we have is now. Enjoy every moment as if there is no more time for new one.

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