The Path of Least Resistance

Most people walk in a haze through life. It is literally everyday it’s just another day to push. Why is that.
It is easier to keep your senses close. It is easier to let marketing and advertising to dictate your values. It is easier to let external sources feed you and make your day. But what happens when you skip a dose? Something is missing, we have felt that feeling. I used to buy a bunch of things that I don’t need. And that is part of what Edward Norton discussed in Fight Club. We indulge in consumerism. And I still fall in that trap today, however my awareness cuts most of the useless commodities. Does not matter, if it is IKEA items, as mentioned in the movie or some other stuff that come across your way.

Are you using your brain, or it is using you?

Take a moment next time before purchasing the next thing and, simply give it more awareness and perhaps delay, if it isn’t anything of vital need. 
We are constantly being bombarded with stimulation and most of it is cheap. In fact, organizations strive to make their products/services more accessible to the vast majority of population, to profit more. Mediocre things for the middle class. Simple right?

If you want more, do more!

Standing on a crossroad with a multiple signs pointing in everybody elses clear directions is confusing. Confusing  by the fact of existing that many possibilities. It’s overwhelming And we do have much of those options, paths. Representing other people’s agendas, which of course want to make it simple for us to be easier to follow. While there isn’t anything bad in that route of choice, there is another entire highway to pick. Where you make your crossroads that eventually will join people. It is about creating your own way. How to do it? Take massive action. The path of least resistance is there for a reason, many of us tried to battle it. But most of us didn’t persist enough. That resistance is making it hard to breakthrough and express your own ideas to the world. Your personality, your character. And there is a beauty in that.
With that much conditioning from advertisers and marketing we end up getting the wrong message. Building awareness is one of the solutions to unwire ourselves and find the our true set of values. Those that drive our actions and commitments. It is literally our direction in life.

Dare to be different

Being different is in my opinion misunderstood. It can be surely weird sometimes, but that’s how we all begin. Speaking about, on the same matter, about finding your own way. Creatives are kings of expression. Doesn’t matter the form, nor the art. It is a way to find peace in our own mind by putting your ideas on the table. Just any kind of domain, platform or anything nowadays can show your work. Your creation to others. And that is what is great about the WWW, it connects random people with similar ideals.  And why not being different in that fashion? Isn’t Iphone different? It very much own its success, because of that unique feature.
Design your own way that you want to live. And cut down the things that are conditioning you. Expel the exempt. Time is here for us to now. And it will never be a better moment. That is what is hidden after you get up above the water. Limitless ideas to become alive are waiting for. What are you waiting for?
Ps: It may sound philosophical for you, but that is why you need to read this post again. I hope it helps a little glimpse of light to shine through your window. Because you can’t read the right newspaper otherwise.

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