The Most Important Habbit

I have never thought about it, before it really sink in my mind. It took me a few years to start doing it. However it turns out that meditation is indeed that powerful and rewarding. You just need to be patient. It is a long-term investment in order to rip of the benefits. The key is to focus on the process without anticipating a return of initial time invested. It may sound harsh, but that is how it works.
Why is it so important? In fact meditation is the best habit hat will teach you to be enough by all means. It is mentioned in almost every bestselling self-improvement books. Also high level business owners and athletes do meditate – Tim Ferris, Arianna Huffington, Joe Rogan, Russell Simmons and much more. Meditation is the process of reassuring yourself that you do not need alcohol, cigarets or anything else, but simply just being with yourself. The reason is that meditation has a purpose on focusing on the moment, with other words, appreciation of what you already have. How is going to get better, if it isn’t right now? We all have that hope for the future, that something will turn out to be better, somehow. But that mindset will always limit your cup to be half empty.
Doing meditation is very powerful and peaceful. The whole point is to calm that mental chatter in your head, the self talk. however, during meditation you need to focus on your inner body. A simple way to do it, is a quite spot, on a chair. Time is not important for the beginning, even three minutes are enough. Just experiencing it for a one time is not going to change anything. On the other hand developing an everyday habit to meditate is going to create that snowball effect for you if you are consistent.
There are a lot of different types of meditation. However it is easy to begin with a simple meditation focused on your breathing. By doing so you can bring awareness to your heart beat and notice your pulse. That will keep the new emerging thoughts away. By all means expect new thoughts to arise in your mind, but try not to indulge in them. This is going to feel very hard in the beginning, but with time it is getting easier to recall that quite mind space.
Every moment that is spend in meditation is increasing your concentration abilities. It is beneficial to your well-being and wellness aswell. Your are going to fall refreshed and awakened. That is a self stress reduction tool, free to use at any age and time.

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