The Art of Living Consciously


Have you ever wondered what is consciousness? What is conscious living? What is mindfulness and why is it such a popular topic today? I personally have and I still am..
Lets dig into the nature of these things and see if we can find out what does living consciously means.

So, what is consciousness?


Consciousness is a state of being aware of your surroundings and the reality that you are in.
To be conscious means to be knowledgeable and to have a perception of a situation or an object.
Consciousness is the fact of being awake and in the process of processing information.



There are different levels of consciousness among human beings.

People may experience consciousness in different ways and it is difficult to make comparison of people’s subjective perceptions of reality. We experience the world not as it is, but as we are. As our consciousness is. We see the world through the filter in our head, and it depends how advanced that filter has become.
Or how advanced have we become.

Are we able to comprehend fully what is happening around us? How do we know that we are comprehending reality the way it is?
– We do so by self-reflection, meditation and a lot of questions.

Our consciousness is like a rubber band that can stretch, expand and not end.
Through meditation one can simply see the nature of his own mind and how vast it is.

You can expand your consciousness the same way you can count to infinite. You can always add one.

The way of conscious living is about taking care of the mother earth, yourself and other living creatures.



At first, one should focus on the self (but not in an egoistic way) in order to understand the human nature. Through meditation a person can attain knowledge about himself and ultimately about other human beings. You come to understanding that everything is connected and that we are all one – consciousness or  simple awareness.

Taking good care of yourself by eating healthy and weeding out your garden will make you a compassionate human being with lots of potential. Coming to the understanding that the earth is your home will make you take genuine care of it and will reduce the damage that we are currently doing.

Taking care of others is an important thing we should implement in our lives. The way we treat others is the way the treat ourselves. If we practice love and gratitude toward other beings, we shall receive the same thing.
But the most important thing in my opinion is that we must do good and that good has to be genuine and has to come from our hearts.

There is no right or wrong way to live life. There isn’t a perfect definition for living a conscious life.

The most important thing is that everything you do, should come from the heart.
By living from our hearts we shall become more compassionate and kind to others.
You will start attracting good things in your life, more positive energy, more interesting experiences and high vibrational people.

One of the most important thing is to learn to be mindful.

Mindfulness means becoming aware of the present moment. Becoming conscious of your internal feelings and body sensations.


To become the observer of your own thoughts. To listen without judging. This is the highest form of intelligence – to observe without evaluating. Meaning – looking at an object and just accepting it the way it is.



Can you imagine if we apply that to our interaction with other human beings, what will happen? What if we accepted people the way we accept trees in the forest? Without judgement. Imagine what a world would be..

Living consciously is an art of flowing through life and it can definitely enhance the way of  living. Becoming more aware of yourself and in-tune with your internal feelings and emotions will unlock the key to understanding oneself. An awareness of what is going on in your mind will help you insert a buffer between your response and your action, giving you time to acknowledge your emotions and yet not be overtaken by them.

Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way the like. Remember that you attract all the things in your life and you have the power to change that.

Do good.
Appreciate people and things.
Learn to forgive.

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