Take a Break, If You Procrastinate

This post is inspired by me walking out my straight line. A line everybody has drown for himself. And we violating those rules part of that track can make us go down on ourselfs. But here it is my rationalization. We can’t always go through our lives in a straight line we often need a drink and some junk food. I already said Junk Food meets peeople. But perhaps we get to much of it and we suddenly the things that matter lose sense. And we are holding back, feeling bad about procrasinating. Well it appears that it isn’t that bad. You can find a lot of articles on the web why procrasination can be a positive thing.
But here its my perspective. Yes it can actualy spark your creativity, it can boost your mood, it can make you a better decision-maker. And what the best thing is that you can escape the long side track that is to tempting. Where Burger King and other instant gratification sources transform us into hedonists. I believe that going hard for one-two days fully hardcore procrasinator will make you sink with speed that you didn’t espect. Leading to “rock bottom” thtat will make you emerge faster.

Whe things the you care about the most lose sense, what usually happens is that you find sense in things that you usually dislike.  Perhaps you have worked hard for months in a row and now you just can’t go on with the same pace. Just quit and go sleep and slack for two days will actually make your sense come back. Here is how.
It’s true, fiailng is the best way to growing big. It is actually a tool. And, if you learn to use it you can achieve great results and conquer mountains.
A wise man one said that, if you don’t have great failures you can’t have great victories.
Meaning it is not the time to see behind the curtain. Your journey hasn’t even started yet. Go do some more of that what you thing it isn’t working. It wont be that bad. And you know why? It hurts when you fail once, but if you do a few more times it gets lighter. You become indifferent eventually. I have my own experiences with me chasing pavements. That lead to nowhere. And its true in flirt.
It is not the right one I said, I and moved on. A few times. It is fun to learn to fall and laugh at yourself. It is a silly game just to make you believe that you can go on. And not only that, but actually get better at something. And it is applicable in business too. That is what may stops you from getting the job done or even launch a business. Let’s not fail in the entrepreneurial hype. It is not going to happen just with a blink of an eye. Doesn’t matter how much Bitcoin you have or whatever else cryptocurrency. Even trading requires skills and building such on its side needs time. A lot of time of deliberate practice and calm focus.

What will happen, if the baby never learn to walk, because it got tired of failing. It falls more times than when I was learning how to snowboard. It’s absolutely insane, it must be painful and yet everybody gets through that right? So you can do one more thing. Fail again, and don’t hope it will be the last time. You can pray for it to come either fast. So lets see what we can do.

Make a story

Stories are embed in everything around us. From TV shows, movies, news, gossip, work, chatting and not to mention history at general. We love stories and they keep us fascinated and maybe even with an open mouth, if it is a good one. Growing up I was terrible storyteller. And I knew I had to do something to escape that reality at the moment.
I was so boring that nobody bother listening to the whole story. Right after the bat I was interrupted. And that really thought me to change. Many opportunities may got me on a different path then, but I decided to do stuff. To actually create stories. Well first I found that video games might serve that purpose. It took a lot of hours that turn into years before I jump back into the real world.
Than it was that profound realization that you might get inspired to transfer those virtual adventures and create real ones. That same thrill of playing hours in front of the PC talking with people I don’t know over Skype got me sick. And eventually made me understand that reality is your own “virtual space”. It is subjective. We all perceive it differently from one another. We have different experiences based on our lives.

And action

Like a camera we see ourselves through lenses that change through our actions and feedback. And we know what follows stories. We are so entangled to make those lens purple that often we hold back from getting the real deal instead. We seek to support our reality with everything we can. And what better than stories. Some of us maybe more lazy, but smart make their own stories and eventually that turns into gossip. Where other realize that it’s more fun actually getting out and make some memorable events from scratch. That will get us to infinity.
So make more stories and remember – go for that shot and, if you fail at least you will have a story to tell.

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