Being effective

What is being effective and how to get better.

What is the single, most important, goal for me?

That is the question we all know we need to ask ourselves to get our priority straight. It is only one thing. Not number one, number two, etc. …  But here it gets a little complicated.

Being effective is not what we are in everything, that is called perfection. And I am sorry, but perfection isn’t the goal. It is a vague dream. 

“Strife for perfection to achieve excellence”

                                                                                     Vince Lombardi 

I like this quote, because it give us the reason to take massive action. But why we need to do more where we want to get more for less time? Isn’t that what is being effective? It is simple, we all want to be there, but it takes time. It takes practice. We haven’t been created with any knowledge or wisdom. We need to put time and try different things until we find something that clicks. Effectiveness is the goal of every modern business, trying to get more for those fixed cost that it is already paying. And it is funny how that transfers to our personal life. Well at least for some of us, who want more of it. We try to do more before going to work. Otherwise we are just chasing other people’s agenda. Sleep, eat, work, repeat. When that might be the case for some entrepreneurs, it is rarely a long-term goal.

How do we measure effectiveness? With time. A simple example. If you produce more units than Tony, for the same time, you are being more effective. Then the boss is likely to keep you longer on work and give you more props. Were that doesn’t mean that Tony isn’t efficient per se. Perhaps he haven’t right, or have been distracted, or he haven’t used the best method. Multiples criteria overlaps here and that’s why the isn’t one solution. Moreover there are many for different situations.

“If you do the right thing at the wrong time you get pain”

Tony Robbins


Wise words from a wise man. But what does that tell us? Do more things, to find those that fit in your capabilities. And eventually it will get smoother. But that require patience. Patience to improve your skills by practice and reading. Where that is only the entry-level. Knowledge isn’t effective, wisdom is. Knowledge is simply potential power that will help you resolve an issue/problem for “x” amount of time. Wisdom, on the other hand is that what is saving your time. And perhaps you need to pay for it sometimes to save yours. Because by definition wisdom is extracted from long hours of expertise. Where that gives you the ability to see what actually brings awesome results, not only works.  It is awesome to be in that level, but in these ages of mediocrity it is hard to find your way to mastery.

That’s why average methods and solutions aren’t much demanded. They are everywhere. Where creative new traits are prone to be effective. For every thing there are some secret moves that save time. If you don’t know how to grill a burger patty you won’t do it faster than a cook will. And it is like that for everything. Specialization is effective. There are being more tech job created after every new emerging technology. They tend to be very narrow and deep in their subject matter. That’s why I can’t describe what my friends are working to my grandmother.

Lastly, with all that being said about excelling and chasing results and goals, there are a few more things to keep in mind. Sometimes it happens that we have the resources to do certain thins the best way possible, aka being effective and creative. But other times it isn’t the case. I am still getting myself to do those things. It is also a reminder for myself and I hope you find that post helpful too. Upgrade with patience. Enjoy the process.

PS: If you lost your key in the hash. Don’t dig for it, ask your roommate to make a duplicate for you. 🙂


Enter the dream

Enter the dream is getting into more details how to sleep well

You are falling down a building and slowly realize that you are getting down with top speed. Accelerating high makes you shake in bed .. And you woke up again.

Dreams are our getaway from reality, and they give us a great experience. Which in some cases can be controlled. Those are lucid dreams. In which you realize you are dreaming, but rather waking up, you continue dreaming while this time having control over it. The possibilities are within your imagination. But this takes some practice and proper knowledge to trigger lucidity.

An interesting fact is that we all have dreams every night, but we forget some of them before we wake up.

After a hard day working or training, perhaps going for both. When you are having those high performance days, you get into the bed easily and dreams occur more often. At least that is what I have been noticed for myself. It is also useful to think about an issue/puzzle you want to solve before going to bed. And they say, that it is possible to dream about the answer. Every single sleep has different conditions, which all reflect on your dream and the overall quality of it.

To get the maximum out of your bed time you might consider those tips useful.

  • Get a pitch black room, ultimately. 
  • Quiet as possible
  • not too warm and not too cold / 22 around  º C
  • comfortable mattress
  • airy room

Those are what I consider the basics. And we all need standard 8 hours of sleep in those conditions. If anything else we can go for a nap in the afternoon. However, a nap is super good and pleasant. We might consider getting a short nap for 40 min or a longer one for 1,5 hours. In that way you won’t break your sleep cycles, gaining more energy for you. It is different for every person though. I experiment with my own amount of sleep. It also depends how old you are. That plays huge role.


Sleep is the time when our muscles grow and when our mind shuts down for a moment. It is recovery for the body and mind. There is a progression during our sleep in getting into deeper and enriching sleep. Getting into different phases is in the following order: 1 & 2 phase, 3 & 4 phase, 5 phase. The first two are putting you to fall asleep, but not into deep sleep. It is a state where your body is getting relaxed. Next is 3rd & 4th phase in which your body gets still and your eyes start to move rapidly – REM sleep. And the 5th phase is deep sleep, where your body and your brain is recovering much more on Delta waves. They are restarting your capacities for being active again the next day. Of curse, if you are not hung over. Alcohol tends to disturb sleep as we well know.

Sleeping is also restarting our short-term memory. If we want to go take an exam the next day, and we didn’t prepare that much studying all night is an effective method. Not so good for missing your night sleep, but helping you remember the things you have just read.

With all new technologies that are being created nowadays, especially digital watches and phone apps. We can measure our sleep data from them, precisely enough to see how much time of which phase we got. This is profound for being at your best and performing your best. There are a lot of things to experiment with. I might delve in more in the near future. For example smells, time, positions, etc.

PS: Sweet dreams and write it down! 🙂


When you are lost

When you are lost is a time to act even more!

Everybody gets at place in time, where they are in between a crossroad, perhaps with multiple exits. And this is mine.

In this age of revolutionary technologies creating spacecrafts and virtual realities we have absolute infinite possibilities. How can we tap into those is our personal choice and responsibility. However, I found it very hard to choose a medium. Business is a big one, but is it really a medium or even a smaller section of the spectrum? Speaking from my observations I see many friends, from cross countries, that constantly change jobs. Throughout our working life we specialize deeper and deeper. We get a new job and suddenly from there we see something related to what we want to do, but not exactly. Which leads to the next, where we see another subtle thing that redirect us to another domain. But eventually we are going to reach that point of less things to try and much to upgrade. Meaning its time to commit and specialize.

Life is based on decisions, and those can be especially hard to make when you are young. Isn’t it funny that the most important decisions in our life are in our 20’s, when we are not that mature. We ought to make them better in any case, for personal benefits – generally. But it is true.


The earlier you decide the faster you are going to see if that is the right decision or not. Action is a tool, in this case, to test decisions. You are melting time with action, much faster than with thinking about stuff. Why? Simply because action gives you feedback that you need and thinking give you nothing in return, by itself only.

Life choices over time are going to bring value, doesn’t matter which way we take. It is going to lead us to the right destination. Having faith is key to honor your decisions. You honor them everyday with action.  Only if you believe that you are making the right choice. Make a choice and never look back. At least for some time.

Keep in mind that from making a choice. That decision is sealing the commitment that is putting you in a situation, in witch new choices emerge. It never ends. Why not get better at it than?

When you are lost is time to act even more

I am a fan of the following quote “Live your life in your 20’s as you are planting the seeds you are going to harvest at your 30’s”. Which I directly relate with experimentation, but that needs to be measured, wisely. Any new endeavor is gonna give you something, however it takes time. And time to reflect about it, is in fact saving time. Simply give yourself time to try out something new, but go hard in it. Like a new internship, it takes 3-4 months, sometimes even six. Later evaluate and decide if you are going to enroll or switch lanes (gangsta). Ask yourself what is valuable and go for it. Both for you and society. Where you are the one doing it, you will be the one struggling/enjoying and society is going to reject/appreciate it.

PS: Everybody has a lifestyle, the difference is who made yours. Is it self created, copied or influenced ? 

When plans turn to reality

Here I explain how I make plans and what happens when they turn to reality

Here it is, deep snow, powder, basically sponsored to snowboard. Not a simple plan, a dream come true. Just about a year, after I glimpsed the world of snowboarding. 

In a small place, somewhere in the mountains in Czech Republic. A resort which is known as “the best” in the country. It is pretty magical. For the people who have been already to top resorts in the leading countries it may sound a little exaggerated. But for me that was everything that I was planning get.

This currently brought me to mind how plans are made and how important that is for our goals and dreams. We all have them, but sometimes we rather play it more carefree. Why? Because we tend to be mindless about them or as I often rationalize myself, spontaneous. Well there isn’t anything bad with spontaneity per se, but it is not effective in the realm of results.

It can be a good thing to plan. But sometimes you set to less tasks or too more. You miss the center, the perfect effort for the perfect result. And nothing is perfect, rather optimal it can always be. How than we can make it come true? Despite all factors coming across this topic time and action are critical. With enough time you can distribute action, but when you don’t have it… We all what follows, more work and less sleep. As the old waiter’s saying “If you don’t use your head, you will use your legs”.

All that counts, after all are the results.

newspaper_desk_lamp_telephone_letter_string_bag_54374_1280x1024.jpgIn order to start tackling issues along the way to meet than plan you made for yourself we need to consider the following. This I remember clearly from some classes in my second year in university. Plans are entirely focused on the internal, where predicting is focused on the external. Meaning, when you plan things, whatever it might be, they are all at your locus of control. Making a birthday party, planning a vacation, getting a rise, better job, etc. The planning process and the e is your responsibility, because it is within your locus of control. I view planning as a systematic way of solving tasks along the way, until you reach the final destination. It is that simple. Predicting is the opposite, though. Like the weather forecast, for example, we know it’s based on science, but it’s not 100% accurate. Like all predictions. Why? Because they are outside your locus of control. You are reaching out for something, but that same thing is dependent on too many factors, which are also outside your control. When it happens that your predictions about the future meet, you deserve at least to pat yourself on the back. Because it is very rare to meet predictions with reality. As, if it is a final decision(the event) that is carried over time where things change and we see how our bets(our prediction) move during that time, when we said it is the moment.

That’s why it’s better on focusing on planning, not predicting.

When all struggles finally end, it is time to celebrate. It’s up to you how. Just make it memorable. That really helps to make you believe yourself more and build confidence. It’s simple. Start small so you get more references, of job well done. But, often you have to lower your criteria about the outcome. It’s not going to be anything glamorous the first time, but it will be over time. If you stick with the path.

That moment, when your plans meet, though, it’s so sweet. It lights you up, it makes you happy. And you honor it with pleasure.

Well those are the moments we all seek, but then occurs strange realization. As we enjoy the benefits of our plans we make new ones, often towards the same direction. To support those happy moments and for future. By creating new plan … It will never end, so why not getting better at it.

PS: The internet here isn’t much reliable, yet I will found a way to post more often.



Time off

Working and grinding is necessary to survive. And essential for success. However, why do we work so much if we can’t enjoy what we currently have?

Everybody has a different way to spend their free time. That’s a sure thing. But one thing is fairly common – we get bored. We need variety. Sometimes spontaneous invitation can makes us jump and do things we might never considered possible. While planned trips and vacation may turn out very boring and disappointing. That’s what we don’t want to happen.

Do we have to make plans for a our spare time?

You never know what is going to happen when you make a trip to unknown places. Even if you plan it. Randomness is the key element for a fun vacation. With the right amount of it you will get to see things that you would never be able to plan. And conversely by making plans we block our time and the possibility of missing out.

Have you ever had a vacation that you expect all year and after which you need to go back to work, but you feel tired? You are not alone. I believe that is how it should be. That doesn’t mean it hadn’t have a exciting time off. While some people prefer getting into sleep and no action activities, they get tired too. In fact, doing nothing is even harder sometimes, isn’t it?

It is this time of the year when everybody has some extra time off. And we have planned things for the big moments, Christmas and NYE. And friends and family are there to make it special. In the mean time there might be something extra time left for us.

Eating snacks and Nutella is the perfect remedy for a dark, cold night. Why not? Because we more prone to lose momentum.

Getting off track is a luxurious moment. Rather keep celebrating with a pace that preserves your habits. Otherwise, braking momentum is going to require much energy and work to get back on track.

PS: Happy holidays! Experience the cold season.

Catch the wave before it is too late!

What is the right time to act? You know it is Now.

Recently I have been thinking about those moments when you know that is time for action, but you just call back. You slip the moment and the opportunity never brings back again. Sounds familiar? Check this out!

Time is subjective, and it is very odd when you change your graphic, job, school, city not to mention even a country. Everything seems to be so chaotic for the first two weeks that you feel so rushed. But we don’t have those moments really often do we? However, it is really hard to make the right decision in the right time. If there was a single superpower that I would choose to get, knowing when is the right time is for me. Classy objection.

There aren’t really any excuses that can justify when you missed the chance to get that opportunity. You saw that door open, but you let it close in your face. Doesn’t matter if it is a man/girl, money or career, it is gone now. That’s why this is strategy is wrong! it is matter of mindset, prior that chance to happen reality. Are you diving in usually or you are calling back? If you are asking yourself it that’s the right moment, you most likely ain’t going to dive in. Its tricky. I do often the same lame decision. Despite you never actually now if it is going to be good, it’s better to try. I am not telling you to sell your house on casino, use your common sense please. Yet thrust your gut feeling, not your brain. Our brain is made to save energy. It doesn’t like vegetables it likes pizza.

Rather wondering why you didn’t try, dive in and ask yourself why did I did it.

If you follow that quote you will enjoy more moments. Simply because even if you stumble upon a bumpy road and things go wrong you certainly benefit from experience. Action always entails some form of feedback, aka experience. And by default experience can’t be bad, not always pleasant.  Yet life it is what it is.


Decision-making is an actual process and skill that only a few people master through life. It is high demanded and valued in business environments too. It is the ultimate life skill. Doesn’t matter what you do, if you get that single thing right you will be good. Of curse it is impossible to be always winning by chance. That’s why we get to learn from failures. And easily recover when we get our heads wrap in the proper line of thoughts.

How to get more of every single moment? 

A general rule of thumb is to always try. Face the truth you are not having life changing situations every day. But in order to be ready when they come you have to act now. I am doing this myself too. I love to share my experiences here, in order  to keep up us on the same page. Everyday life is always showing us something that we can do more, but are we willing to do so ? There is not much to lose as it is so much to win.

Owning small moments makes us happy. Often we seek to much of a thing to elevate us, but frankly small things move us in the right direction. Don’t be selfish all the time. Help that old lady in the bus, your college, a friend or whoever. It takes only a moment, because you have the power. But chilling is just making it fade away.

PS: Intuition is very interesting feeling and certainly rewarding if you chose to listen.