Travelling Rant

Do you like to travel? Yes, you probably do. Although some of us are not daring to do it that is becoming more and more of a rhetorical question.

Traveling is supported by mainstream media, social media, airlines, tour agencies, friends and so on. They are all creating that imaginary lifestyle that we tend to read in the magazines. A mainstream message for a mainstream crowd.

But it wasn’t always like that. Years before the invention of the airplane in 1903 by the Wright Brothers, things were different. And even then they were no commercial flights for the masses. So what did the people do? Didn’t they wanted to travel for the weekend far away. Why shouldn’t they?

Perhaps that was the real game changer shifting from travel “to give” to “travel to get”.

None of us have lived in both those realms. Yet, we can imagine how the history shaped migration through the years. And that was far more interesting than a weekends escape from reality. Moreover from obligations and frames set by somebody else. Where in the times without media and lifestyle were obscure, people did traveled for other reasons.


It was dangerous, you could be killed and you may never see your family again. Imagine the quests of Marco Polo to find the Silk Road.  This courageous attempt led to more and more discovery and exploration. And we can see that he wanted something, but he gave along the way too. He didn’t purchase a safe economic flight to China, he instead sacrificed his life and went for an adventure. Then creating a mutual bond between the west and the east for the first time of history.

You probably have heard that story before. Well how that help me you might ask? It is very simple. Inspire to travel and learn, give and explore. Rather than just going out for the weekend. That is called sightseeing, it is almost like traveling, but in a commoditized form. It is shallow and purposeless leading to more consumerism and hedonism.

And I know you can argue that we don’t have time to travel or money or whatever is there stopping you. But we have choice, to go seek pleasure or explore other culture. There are infinite moves and documentaries nowadays that can show us what is it like there, where we want to go. This is hacking geography and rules that have framed people for centuries. We don’t have those boarders now, yet we waste them for egoistic goals instead.


They are all sorts of travel nowadays, the facts are that with every year the world is becoming more of a safer place.

We can choose our destination, our companions, the vehicle, the time and the activities. We have that freedom that most of us waste. We let some tour agencies decide what we would like, because we were generalized like the group before us. They offer us that what sells. It is a business, a very profitable one indeed.

So what are we left with? The reason I write this post is to bring awareness to a problem I see. It is the simple fact we have that much choices, but the stupidity of neglecting them.  I have recently read this book called Vagabonding, by Rolf Potts and I would recommend it to anyone willing to switch gears and embrace the true uncertainty of travelling.

I do have a lot of personal stories and experience in different countries, which I would like to share too. My preferences are for a meaningful mid-term travelling, speaking about a single place. The way I view it, I need at least 4 months to get to know a single place, perhaps even more. But that is the bare minimum to connect with the culture by talking with locals and doing your desirable activities.

PS: Customize your travel.

Where does competition leave us?

Competition is one side of the spectrum. Dive in to see the other.

Have you ever chase something just to be better than somebody else? Just making that much effort to step above the other and boost your ego?

Yesterday I was competing, and I lost the first match. Meaning you are out, direct eliminations. However, Jiu Jitsu is a wonderful sport and I believe that I meant to learn something from that experience. And I did.

Being calm and in the right mindset is essential for those moments. Also physical and skill preparation. But something was missing.


I had those moments of glory so to speak when I have won. I had times when I was down too. Being a winner is a personal trait, that could be cultivated. With a deliberate action and discipline towards a goal. It is programmed in our system, in our human brain that we need to win. Back in time that was on a life or death matter. A victory may be to kill a predator trying to eat you alive or to survive a hard weather conditions. Now we are barely left with a boost of ego from that. We seek victory to put ourselves in a better social position. With that there are more than some material benefits, but more of them aren’t. It is a vital feeling for a person to feel needed and helpful. However, victory is a level above that default level. It amplifies your sense of self, you get pretty proud and sufficient. And that can come from a lot of ways, not only from sports. Winning means progress, while it isn’t the only way.

Winners draw attention to themselves and we adore them. It is absolutely natural. But here is something we rarely consider. We no longer rely on “win” or “die” mentality to survive and live. Life is easy and we are getting more comfortable than ever. While there is no wonder why some of the best world-class athletes are coming from a background of low status family. Nearly surviving around the poverty line. Because they are already living in those harsh conditions and getting out is the only way.

It is vital for us to keep the cooperative part within us as well.

Imagine competition is the far left side of the spectrum and cooperation is the far right side. When we are not cooperating we are competing and the vice versa. Why is that? Simply because when you pursue your desire to win you are being driven by a pushing force within you. With other words you are intrinsically motivated to win, you push yourself. While cooperation is the opposite, you are being pulled to contribute to the whole team, you are being pulled to act for the common good. Where, there is no good or bad between those two. But you are either on one side of the spectrum or the other. So what is in the middle than? An indecisive person trying to do both in the mean time. I felt that was what I experienced on my last competition. And cooperation is thus far more important for me. I have always been more cooperative than competitive. There was this moment, when I was still going to taekwondo competitions. In fact I was like twelve years old or close. I vividly remember that series of competitions where me and another kid from the club were fighting versus each other. That was so stupid for me, I couldn’t play my best. Where those fights were the finals. It was beautiful how we climbed after each fight to finally meat at the top, but being there was awkward.


A prediction on a global scale is that we are going to dispensary as a civilization, if we don’t change the rules of the game. We are not allowed to win that with anger and fist fight, but with a much more intelligent way. Helping everybody to start even and finish where they want. But living in cooperation is hard. We all seek that next benefit for ourselves and we ain’t willing to share it. It is hard to build a foundation where everybody is going to be socially responsible for his own acts. However, there are much more entrepreneurs and businesses who start making those decisions to strive for mutual good. For increasing life standard ubiquitously. 

Happiness is for free

Happiness is for free! What a simple, yet confusing phrase. Check why and how.

Do you believe me? You need to keep on reading than.

While modern society tells you to chase money, fame, career and status that is rarely the way leading to happiness. It’s superficial, meaning it covers the true and real joy of life.

Sharing is caring”you might heard before. And also by sharing what you have, you “buy” happiness. But there isn’t any transaction for that trade. You don’t get any receipt. In fact, being outcome dependent when sharing something will corrupt the appreciation from the receiving end. It is meant to be unselfishly.

Happiness multiplies when it’s shared.

When you have nothing to eat, but a snickers, are you willing to share it with a person in need? I guarantee you that by giving him half, just half of that snickers, you will get satisfaction. That joy will feed you, like you are all of it by yourself. Simple right.

But what often stands by our way is that we are in a hurry. All the time chasing some tasks, dribbling balls into our court. That add a lot of pressure and sometimes it is unnecessary. Yeah we will now that, you would say. What is the solution than. Cultivate patience, a lot of patience. It is rarely enough. Patience for ourselves and patience for others. And don’t mistake patience for procrastination. Procrastination is when you constantly slack off. It is when you try to avoid action. Where patience is when you still act, but with slower tempo. A simple question to convince yourself to slowdown is: “What would it happen if I get this thing one week later?” Mostly likely you aren’t going to lose that much as you first thought, if anything.

Those are just a few thoughts on the subject. I will surly delve in deep in this topic later.

Ps: Do you like reggae music?

How to create your own social norms

What are social norms for us? And how to change them if we don’t like them.

Everybody talks about modern society today, moving from old-fashioned traditional habits to more efficient high-tech massaging apps. Is that the future way of communication ? Or there is a better way to approach somebody? 

It is a hard question, at least I haven’t found the right answer yet. Some of us are more introverted and others are extroverted. We all know that extroverts draw energy, when having conversation with people and conversely introverts gain energy in solitude. And that topic has become so mainstream, where society pushes us to be always socially active, aka extroverts. But here is what we might miss sometimes.

The truth is that we are both in the same time. But some of us are more of extrovert than others and some of us are more introvert than others. Those are the two ends of the same spectrum. Those personal qualities are coming from the Myers-Brings model, but not so far the only criteria for a real vs online communication.

When we move from small cities to big metropolises we enter that new level of society. Where we don’t have that much friends as we have used to in the small city. But there is no problem, dating businesses and modern technology are working together for us. They have created an online solution for those of us who justify themselves as “introverted”. It is easier to get online and message somebody without the need of going out. Even as an extrovert i am willing to do that more often. When was the last time you decided to go alone to meet new friends. Is that scary?


Here is the main reason why we stay so much indoors nowadays. Technology have changed a lot of our lifestyle. That is no secret for anybody. But the way it changed human communication is unbelievable. We have erased so much “social operations” from last century that some of us, haven’t even tried. For example going to the library instead of looking something online, doing your laundry  in some public place, buying magazines and newspapers. And a lot of other meetings like auctions and other social activities that nowadays are being held online, instead of in the real world.

Add more randomness in your life. That’s how new stories happen.

Push notifications are constantly poking is for attention. They are seriously taking advantage of our space and time. Because being alone isn’t praised in society. In fact I would say that is mandatory to have those moments for yourself. It makes us relax and detach from work and obligations. And reconnect with ourselves. That time is needed in order to establish your own boundaries. Otherwise we are constantly being called to join someone elses event and neglect ourselves . Those boundaries are preserving our goals. That is the true power of being alone for a while. Also it adds a possibility of randomness in your life. Think about how many interesting stories can happen if you decide to be free and outgoing for while.

Leaving technology for a while will make us far more outgoing. Doesn’t matter if you are extroverted or introverted. When was the last time you didn’t have a laptop at home or a phone? Those moments also improve our attention spawn to recover and help our decision-making skills get better.

PS: Modern society offers us the great opportunity to choose how to design our lifestyles. Being liberal, not traditional. But you have to disconnect from the mainstream first 🙂




Who are we in the information society?

From the rise of the World Wide Web we have changed our lifestyle for 3rd time. Once after the steam engine and second one after the light bulb. And here we are today using all the knowledge from our ancestors. What do we do with it?

While everybody has different interests, we all need information to increase our quality of life. So we are part of Information society. Speaking of which, it is like a hungry wolf, like it never gets fed, no matter how much food you give him. And we are part of it. Why is that?

It is human nature that we always seek for more, more clothes, more shoes, more food and especially more information. We are dependent on it daily. When was the last time you spent a day without a phone or a laptop? Lucky me my laptop broke for a few days this week. The point is that we constantly use information even  if we are not aware of it. At first glance simple operations like checking for the weather forecast and watching the news, planning a trip, commuting to work while using maps seems like very normal. Yet they still require a significant use of data.


Here it is a very simple picture vividly showing the information model. First data emerges into information, on which we can gain knowledge based on the context. And finally, if we apply that knowledge  we might get a wisdom out of it.

data => information => knowledge => wisdom

Business create and use information there is a constant loop around it. Because information is money. It is money only if you know how to use it. And here we are getting to consume whatever we want. And sometimes for free. But do we value it?

This 3rd industrial shift is making our choices different as our possibilities. We move from local citizen to global citizen. That is giving us a lot of possibilities of sharing ideas and meeting new people. It might start virtually but it doesn’t take long to be paste in real world. That’s where real action takes place. That’s where change happens. And we all want to get the positive outcomes, but it this starts with positive inputs. Someone need to dial the first bit of data.


As we get along with technology revolution we gain that superpower to create more. Switching from CONsumer to PROsumer. We all know what is a consumer means. Prosumer, briefly, is an individual, not professionalism, who is able to create media by consuming it. That might be a photo lover getting in touch with a camera and producing his own content. But the key point is that you create on top of your initial consumption. That is what businesses do too.

Are you a creator or consumer?

Information is addictive as many bad things, perhaps even more. Can you resist a beep from your cell phone without looking at it? It is super hard, maybe you can resist it when you have a meeting, but we all know what is the first thing what we do when we enter the restroom. Click, click ….

And there is nothing bad as far as you controlling your informational intake. It can be so overwhelming, and that is what I want to prevent you for having. Get in tune with yourself and find out if there is any benefit that you gain from that news or TV show or movies. And don’t get me wrong they are a lot of them which are remarkable, but they should serve you a purpose. Entertainment is assumed to be relaxing, but not by all means. A fun solution is to try making an origami after a short YouTube video. Make it relevent to you. But without action information is useless.

PS: It was a busy week for me, that made me write this post. Get inspiration from information, but don’t stop there. Act upon it!