What is the role of science, how is it designing our life?

What is the role of science, how is it designing our life?

Science is for those who seek more. It is all around us. We can learn more about our reality thanks to new emerging technologies, crafted with the power of science.

Do we need an artificial substances to feel complete? Of course no.

What this centuries technology brings us is far beyond what supplements used to be. The topic of should you consume any superficial supplements is very flooded, however I believe there is a simple rule of thumb that could be helpful.

If you are taking enough nutrients – macros and micro elements, with organic food itself. That is great, however if you can not get enough of them with food alone, you might consider some supplements.

An interesting book that I read is Stealing Fire, by Steven Kotler & Jamie Wheel. They discussed an influence of science in our future health and optimization. It is profound to understand how to trigger our flow states and use them proficiently.

I talked about flow before, you can find that article here. Today’s article is going to be a little more in-depth. I would to make you familiar with science terms and researches I have read and listen to recently. It is very deep topic, however I believe it is very important for our future. In particularly for our design and well-being. By design I mean everything we build up in our lives, including business, health and relationship aspects.

We are designed to design, and design re-designs us back.

Our perception is influenced by our environment constantly. We create our values based on what we see and what we feel entitled to. All set of influences combined help us shape our own subjective reality. Which we can design. And why do not make it in a way that is going to serve us good? We have unlimited choices. Everything from home location, to job or people that we spend our time with.


More interestingly we can design our body, our system. We could upgrade make it, not only better, but even greater. Neuroscience has a wide scope of subjects interwoven between each other. Where it is main subject is the central and peripheral nervous system. Think of it like a big platform. Where all other subject as pharmacology, psychology and technology come into play. Those domains of science, when merged together are exploring new field of life design. A new form of design, not meant to be comfortable, yet leading us to new discover our full potential. They are optimizing our well-being. Let me clarify here:

Fulfilment is set of all basic human needs met – such as food, shelter, sex, etc

Well-being is the ability to sustain a stage of fulfillment.

Jordan Greenhall

Why we need to know all this?

It is vital to understand the how to connect the dots, more than creating new. Where people rarely find a purpose and a mission in their life we ought to seek without quitting. The power behind all that is living a life with the strong conviction that you matter and your cause matter, where flow comes into play.

We can can’t connect the dots looking forward, we can only see them looking back.

Steve Jobs

We can do what we haven’t even dreamed for. We can outperform our own visions.

Being willing to sacrifice your comfort and going beyond that default zone is a stretch asking our body to support the efforts we exert. And I am not talking about a single battle. It is a constant push, a small hop every day. Leading to us to make that big jump. And when enough of us do it, the whole civilization will.

Our body needs to recover to sustain that tempo and looking for food in the corner store isn’t going to solve it. But we all know that.

Perhaps something new will be the use of neuroscience, pharmacology and psychology to push ourselves to go along that road.

PS: I hope that sparked your interest about the topic. I will get more specific with the following posts.



What is that feeling that you are still looking for?

Explaining what “Flow” concept is, based on positive psychology.

Do you want that Ben&Jerry tonight or is there something greater than it? Some call for adventure perhaps?

The fact is that feelings are temporary, they come and go. It is also true that they have different effect on us – positive or negative. Someone can make is excited or angry, for example. The reality is that we are very reactive , and sometimes that even leads to bad decisions. We buy that junk food that we really know it’s bad for our body or we spend too much money on clothes we do not actually need. Or at least that’s my case….

But what is really interesting is that emotions are very shallow. We get them often, perhaps not in full package, but we have experienced them before. We know how they taste like and have our all time favourites. And those we try to stay away from. On the other hand, there is those moments that happen during highly accidental that makes us fully immersed. What are they?


This picture is one example of what positive psychology calls “Flow”. You might heard of it as a “peak performances”, “runners hight” or “in the zone”. Despite all the labels that we put on it, the experience is still the same. It is very much like that hypnotic feeling that you are doing something beyond your powers. That’s why you also lose yourself there. You are not judging what is happening right in front of you. It is just timeless. And you are creating new experience for yourself that otherwise you might find scary or even impossible.  There are very good books on the topic, but the foundation you will find in the person who first describes the phenomena. His name is Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, hard to pronounce, but not that complicated. In his book “Flow” he describes what it is, how do you get there and much more.

This may sound very out of reality and not accessible experience for normal people, but it is. That doesn’t mean that it is easy. People tend to have different flow experiences. In some it may be easier to trigger in social situations, other in sports or any other activity. Doesn’t matter the activity, it requires a certain competence and skill level. It is that sweet spot between fear and boredom. It is the ultimate challenge to meed your current expertise. And from there, it just flows….

Pushing your self to the limits increases the potential to trigger “flow” experience in sports

What actually flow give us?

  • Adrenaline, rush, hype
  • Serenity and peace
  • Boost your well-being
  • Happiness
  • Deep fulfilment
  • Amazing experiences to share

I hope that article helps out to get up and try new things. Or continue doing the one that still gets you in the zone. Just being there is awesome! If you haven’t been there yet do not hesitate and over thinking it. Lose yourself in practice and it will come. Luckily tasting that yourself will make you chase it for a lifetime.