How Stories Influence Our Decisions?


Are you telling the best stories? Both to yourself and others. Do you believe you can get better?

Why storytelling matters?

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The stories you are telling to yourself and your friends describe your reality. It is the sum of the whole subjective reality you are living. Your culture is shared with others verbally and non-verbally. Especially through stories. Where lets see how our language influence us. I am not a scientists, that’s my point of view.

“You experience the world not as it is, but as you are.”
― Frederick Dodson, Levels of Energy

Language is a human creation. It’s our own peace of software. It is the first software. It is also technology. That programe us inside out. Doesn’t matter the language we have from our native culture we use at least one language to read this post. This is English in that scenario. However, any language is programming us in a different way. By using different words and synonyms, influenced by the culture behind it.

Thus “The story of our lives” is being created and supported by our own language. Think about it for a second. By our own dictionary and capacity of words we can illustrate a story better. We can raise our bar – our default subjective state, by working on our vocabulary. We expand our consciousness through reading and writing. Also reading and writing expand our common sense.

It’s interesting how all those things unfold to revival their own perception of reality. And the same we ultimately share with others.  By adding our unique advantages to the table. That is what helps us to influence and create value.

This becomes a story, story you repeat. It becomes part of you. You start to indulge in it and to internalize it. You even start to tell listen it on back of your head when you are alone. Just the little things. Those happening everyday. Speaking from microscopic viewpoint. Involving the picture contained from the work you do, the place you live, the people you know and your country, down to little things as habits and clubs, food etc. That’s your story.

Where design gets into play?

When we notice all that. Stories could be used for design creation. A reality design. When you understand how to tell better stories. You can ignore some things in your own personal experience and make a better story with the rest. Make it relevant and noble. Take a nap. Repeat the story. Meditate on that idea.

It isn’t, but eventually you can create a new experience for yourself. When you change the context of the culture you eventually change the effect you are gonna have. And you have many ways to do it. For example pick a place where that will happen easier. Make a change to experience change. If you keep getting what you are getting, you will be still receiving what you are receiving.

So how to tell a better story?

Just don’t make anybody asleep. I’ve done that its no good. Instead make a pleasant and memorable experience. Yeah right, easier set than done. But here is the kicker.

Draw an image. Start with that. Describe the event and the plot line from the beginning with a few sentences. Than melt the context with some extraordinary details. Continue with short action and finish with a spice of funny note.

Than it becomes easier to choose another brave move for our next endeavor. It is easier to make a change  in your life when you are telling yourself a happy story. It is motivating and we all know that change is key ingredient for progress. But sometimes we call it change, when it is just replacing – old habits and environments with new one, better practices.

The more we grow the more we will need grow our skills. But it is difficult if you don’t integrate your environment accordingly.  The fact you got a new job ain’t gonna change that you are living with your parents. It should lead to a better place.

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