Stepping Into The Dream.


I am going straight to the point here, you are going to get out of your life what you will accept.

That is really difficult for people to understand. What you think you are worth, and what you think you are going to tolerate, is absolutely what you are going to bring into your life. It determines how your journey is going to look like.

In order to step into your dreams, you have to give your attention a direction. I got to tell you your mind gravitates towards which is the most familiar with. If you are really familiar with what you worry about, what your problems and fears are, that becomes your dominant thinking. On the other hand, you can focus on what you are grateful about and what you love doing. I know you probably heard this before, but if you do not go touch dreams somehow, your mind would not believe that you belong there.

These things you would like to do in your life, make sure you are visually seeing them over and over again. Repeating those images is powerful. You will not probably achieve many things in your life, that you have not visited either mentally or literarily, thousands of times. If you want to end up somewhere you better be visit it.

So first we create the vision and afterward, give it a taste.

I strongly recommend to actually go out and see them, the effect doubles. One thing that is visual stimulus on your brain that makes you want to do something and another if you can touch it, smell it, feel it. Allow all your senses to it and then, it becomes far more familiar with your brain. Even short-term experience makes a massive difference.

Example if I had a good deal or work overtime and I made some money off that. I would go on holiday for example in the Alps. With a view toward the mountains. I would ride snowboard all day, write a post, shoot some videos, enjoy SPA, and for that day or week, I have touched that lifestyle. After that, I will do it again. Different location. I would go to a beach house, ride surf and again do all that I love. After month or two again – just little taste of it. That is how my mind became familiar with it. Huge thing is that you can start to trick myself into thinking – I belong there because we never end up anywhere we do not believe we belong.

By doing what you love you will eventually feel that flow state of mind. Flow enables you to tap completely into that dream lifestyle. So what does it feel like to be in a flow? You are completely involved in what you are doing, you are completely focused. The flow is the feeling of this is who I am, this is what I am supposed to be.

I encourage you to try it, experience with yourself, see if it works for you and share your experience with us.

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