Sports As a Way to Flow

Sports and flow;

Sports are something that has been through my life since i am born. It is something that we all loved as kids. And than something changed. We have chosen the other way. The easy road. Where we seek that moment to moment pleasure. I’ve been there as well.

Why sports are so important?

We are speaking about our general theme – flow. It is very common to achieve flow states while practicing sports. It s one of the best ways to go  and jump in while burning energy. Isn’t it great to learn how to spend it so you can perform better? And regulating it during games and experiences. Do you know how? This is one way to do it. Flow is effortless in the moment when you get there. Everything  just happens.

So how do you do it?

There are the following best practices that I have tried that got me into flow. You can try others of course. However, I think you would see those and elsewhere. Meaning they are fairly easy to start with. For example meditation, short run, cold-hot shower and a hot coffee smoke a joint and you are good. In that order.

Again that is not a must for any who is willing to experiment at their own risk. Especially be careful with cold showers and recreational drugs.

I have never got into any complications during that recipe anyway. It is a wonderful experience. It makes me write this post for less than 25 minutes.

Sports and flow;

What does that gives you?

It is very simple. Do you want to enter that sweep spot, where you just perform your best? Different people use it in different scenarios. However, the point is to learn how to use it in every scenario you have. No matter the context. That what makes it so great.

Flow is been part of our lives and before. We have at least once been there. (You can read more here.) One way or the other. What about getting to a new level. From a flow newbie. To flow Jedi master. Like Neo in the Matrix. When it just clicks, while being in the tunnel with the whole code dropping and flowing.

Sports and flow

When that happens it is very rewarding. You just feel how you can do everything that you have dreamed for. Your self disappears and you are being the observer behind yourself acting. It is much easier when you actually try it. Lets start with some running.

Get yourself a comfortable five fingers. Like every “smart” person in Silicon Valley. But I do like them though. It is the best way to learn how to run on your toes instead on your heels. Doesn’t matter, if you wear Nike’s with a fat heel paste, your are going to hurt your hips. Because your posture is getting disturbed. The whole point of that paste, is to dismiss your fro the pain. Where that is what most of us honestly want. Where if you learn how to run on to your toes, like we are made to, you won’t feel pain again and you are going to run like never before. It is that simple.

Don’t think its easy in the beginning. It isn’t. It have took me a few painful weeks to get going. Your cuffs are going to hurt for  a while. But those are the small sacrifices that you have to pay to get where you want to go. To unleash your creative power.

Be smart about it and get to the next level. Whit grit and constancy you will develop the habit. Sometimes its hard to get strongly determined for one thing. Because we all want everything. Where we just need to get the other side of perfect and practice on the training field for a while. Than remind yourself the big picture and visualize every detail while you make another meditation. Clean your room. Read a book. You got it.Sports and flow;


That is what I can say about sports and flow. There is strong correlation between them and it is very rewarding when you find it for yourself. Where you exhaust yourself doing your favorite sport. Leading to flow triggers such as high paced sport activity and

It might sound a little crazy and it should. After all that is for people who seek more in life. What are you looking for?

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