Society Moves Forward

society moves forward

Society moves forward, privacy too. But do you know how all that began?

It wasn’t like this before the agricultural revolution. It changed everything. Before then a lot of people needed to participate in growing plants and animals for food and the whole process to feed their families. But now we have machines that do that for us.

Building that structure for growing the big volume of plants and animals is the starter of where most of us live now. In the cities, that turn into megalopolises. That was only possible when we have created that continuous stream of food supply coming from the farms.

Now living in those big chaotic places, we encounter things that never were present before.  Primarily privacy. It is what happens when we start living among all those people. We never ought to do much to speak with somebody that “close”. It is paradoxical that the city surrounds us with more people, yet that is only quantity, not quality. Anonymity brings up privacy. And it is a fact that our resources are limited to interact with the only number of people.

society moves forward

There is also a number of people, a factual number that has been calculated through a solid research. It’s called Dunbar’s number, which says that we can maintain only 150 stable relationships. That makes a lot of people obsolete in our lives. On a personal level. Yet we interact with many people outside the scope of those 150 that we find the closest. They are everywhere around us in the gym, in the subway, in the grocery store and even our clients. We do speak to them, but it is a form of transnational interaction. No strings attached.

And what happens when we apply more technologies in our lives?

Interestingly I believe that it creates more privacy. Well, let’s just exclude that hackers and whatnot are spying on us. But in the matter of anonymity technology is creating a big wall between human beings. It is not a secret that much people are migrating from the smaller town to the big city. Therefore, megalopolises continue to expand and grow in population. So that is how we end up with more “options” and less “choice”.

It is funny how that works, but I truly feel it. We have more and more options to make interactions happen, more channels to do that than ever, yet we stand still. I am not talking about extroverted/introverted personalities here. I don’t think that matters much In that case. It is far more important that we utilize technology as a valuable to search and filter friends, but not go too further. It seems like that with every new technology we add one more filter before we let somebody closer.

Let us take cell phones for example.

We all have heard stories from that time. I have been born in the rise of that cellar era. Especially in Eastern Europe where I came from it was a much different way of communication. We could move far more slowly than and communication ahead of time were mandatory. Which led to time and places that weren’t that much “private” back then. It wasn’t awkward for a guy to ask a girl to pick her up from her doorway. Yet we have phones now. And they are present for five decades now. We have now even more ways to filter people to enter our address book. Think about Facebook, Whatsapp, dating apps, e-mail, forums and much more.

society moves forward
“True Connection”


Every one of dose mediums entails an opportunity, yet most of them don’t lead to connection. Just a mere transaction.

What do you seek?

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