Searching for Myself: Me in the world of others

searching for meaning

My observations lately made me keener to presume that we are lost in the same way – searching for meaning. Dear reader, please excuse me, if I am wrong. But read those lines to judge me wisely.

Lost living a life without a meaning.

Have you been there? Or the question might be: Are you going to stay there?

Inside The Rabbit Hole

As similar humans across the globe we are in matter of DNA, everybody has twenty-three chromosomes, two hundred and eight bones in their adult body, the same way we look to realize ourselves.

Not for anything else, but just because, strongly “realization” in this civilized society nowadays means to put food on your table. Just the luxury to sleep on a bed tonight in a warm room.

searching for meaning
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And you know what we are trading for in exchange. Time.

Time, that you could love more, if only it was raining outside so you could call it a day. But frankly that it is not an excuse your manager will authenticate.

Sadly, for most people that same realization is only to get a job, then a better one…. And then, who knows, perhaps a new TV set, Xbox or whatever is on sale. Conversely, few people decide to fall asleep reading a book seeking to realize themselves for a higher purpose.

Speaking of Higher Purpose

One might be to serve others, some choose God, third to untangle conspiracies, fourth to chase UFO’s and tornados, fifth to solve noteworthy goals. And I can go on, but all those examples come back to the first. You might be doing it to explore yourself, but then what you are going to do with all that knowledge and wisdom, but share it with others. So they can tap into it as well.

The irony is that you would share that wisdom with those same people later, who told you not to be yourself. That’s why your attitude is crucial to remain saint. To emerge from the ashes and feed the people with your wisdom and creations later, when the time is right, if you shall prevail.  

Fill your own cup so much that it overflows so others can drink from the saucer. I heard that on Aubrey Marcus’s podcast.

“To search for meaning is to find it, to fail to search for meaning is to be left without it.”

Victor Frankl

As Victor Frankl says in his book “Man’s Search for Meaning” the most referred book on Tim Ferris’s podcast there are three paths to a meaningful life:

  1. Life of suffering.
  2. Life of devoting love to a significant other.
  3. Life of doing valuable work to serve others.

For me, it is the third one certainly. Thus creating value for others by doing meaningful work for myself, a win-win scenario. Even economically. Hence writing is my current obsession and doing so enables me to stay on my path. The path of discovering my truest inner gift that predisposes me to do more with less. And you have such a gift as well.

searching for meaning
Photo by Danica Tanjutco on Unsplash

Who Do You Want to Become, if You Could Be Whoever You Want?

You wanted to do this than by wanting so you got it. Speaking about intention, our desires lead us.

But is it intuition sparking them or mainstream media?

As Seth Godin says in his blog post “Choosing your spot” it is our attitude that makes us a better fit. And truly I could not agree more that qualities such as kindness, enthusiasm, resilience, generosity, and bravery contribute to your competitiveness despite how handicap your situation might be. Life would never be in your locus of control. Hence your attitude of how to react to whatever it brings in your court remains yours for life. However, you perceive your reality it determines your attitude towards life. Thus crating your style. But bear in mind that you could experiment and test new things.

Test things it to see if it works or not. Because before you test, you don’t know. But after you test it you have got to a conclusion based on the examined event. You need however to recognize the intention and the personality behind your actions. He was immersed in this activity, plus his expectation of the successful attempt. And thus wanting it he got it. Not necessarily the case every time. But you cannot otherwise succeed if you don’t expect the experiment and its success. This example with the “test” is the only metaphor for the analogy serving my explanation of how we think to get things.

But testing alone is only going to get you that far. Testing means you are not fully committed to the thing you are undertaking. It is unproductive. On the other hand, committing 100 % to one thing leaves the door close to unrelated tasks and opportunities.

searching for meaning

Photo by Chen YiChun on Unsplash

Finding yourself or creating yourself?

If you search for meaning you need a life purpose.

If you already know where you want to go you only need to create yourself to be there. To bridge the so to speak.

But it is a long way. The main difference I see here is that meaning searching people are looking for a vision. They don’t have it yet. And for those who know, the only thing left is the means to the end point. But they are not sure if they are ready to pay the price, they need support, encouragement and a little bit of motivation daily.

As Zig Ziglar famously said:

” Motivation is like shower, that’s why we recommend it daily”.

Zig Ziglar

Hard work is for people in a hurry aspiring to make an impact.

“Searching for Bobby Fischer” is a book, then it became a movie, but most of all it is about Josh Waitskin. Bobby Fischer wasn’t a factor that contributed to Josh’s success. He learned to play chess very young when his father brought him a chess board. He found his on spot in the chess world with his own style. But the results he made look alike those Bobby Fischer had, only slightly better.

And being yourself today doesn’t pay much unless you are somebody. That usually implies fame and popularity, which are not necessarily bad if you remain with that same attitude Seth Godin is speaking about. To do so, first, you need to be able to reconstruct yourself by creating the self to stand out. Exactly the self, the creator within you, the lover, the monk that would make your life more content with each day.

It is still there, it has always been, just clean your closet.

“The universe reveals its secrets to those who follow their hearts.”

Ralph Smart

And remember what you are seeking is already seeking you.

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