Raise Your Vibrations


“If you want to find the secrets of  the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations.”

– a quote by Nikola Tesla with a deep meaning and a various of philosophical explanations.
Most of them converging to the nature of the universe and the unseen matter around us.

Nikola Tesla


Putting this proposition into simple words would mean that the universe is made up of energy and particles. Everything we see is in motion, everything vibrates. This is because everything is made up of atoms that are constantly moving. Seeing through the microscope we notice how the particles are dancing around.

There is frequency or vibration that fills up the universe.

This energy is essential to all living creatures, including plants, animals and humans. We are not able to see this energy right now, but as the human race evolves, we might be in the future. What is important to understand is that we can utilize this energy with our minds.

Conscious use of this energy raises our level of consciousness and ultimately our vibrations or frequencies that we are currently operating on. Every human being has a different level of vibration.
Our health, clarity of mind and inner balance depend on the frequencies that we are exposed to.

These frequencies depend on the food that we are eating and the environment that we currently reside in.
According to Bruce Tanio of Tainio technology, a healthy frequency for the human body would be somewhere between 62 and 72 Hz. Twenty years ago Bruce developed a frequency monitor that measures the frequency of the human body. Bruce states that 58 Hz is where you get disease, 80Hz is where you become a genius.

As our frequency drops, we become ill. As it increases – we become healthier, happier and we just feel good. Frequency is the rate at which something moves per second. Frequency creates vibration and vibration comes from the Latin “vibrātiō “, which means shaking.

Vibration is everything and we have to learn that we are frequency itself, manifested in human form.

The words we say and use affect our structure and have the power to change it and alter it. We have to stop being rude to ourselves and other people. The harsher we are to ourselves, the more our frequency will decrease and diseases will begin.

Raising our frequency begins by letting go of negative feelings and grudges.
When we are holding onto a grudge, we don’t realize that it affects us more than it affects the other person. We are keeping inside a heavy baggage that holds us back. We gotta keep a light heart. This is the way to connect and meet beautiful and interesting people that will help you along your journey.

The more you recognize the oneness in the universe and the more you step out of your boundaries, the more you raise your vibration. The more you gossip and speak ill of other people, the more you decrease your vibration.

The third eye shows us the interconnectedness between everything. The more good you do, the more good you get. Whatever goes around, comes around. You cannot steal, lie and talk shit and expect to live a fulfilling life. Karma exists.

Food is our main fuel so it is really important what kind of it we are eating.

Different kind of foods have different frequencies. Veggies, fruits and nuts have a high vibrational frequency. Eating such food will makes us more happy, more aware and more positive.
Dead meat, fast and processed food have a lower vibrational frequency, thus decreasing our energy.
We need to eat food that is vibrating on a higher level in order to feel good.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Whats another way to raise our frequency?

There’s a theory linked to the quality of music. The music that we hear from the radio, television and internet and has a specific vibrational frequency – it is tuned to 440hz.
Music can speed or slow your heart rate, affect your digestive system and your emotions and desires.

Almost all of the music in the world is tuned to the 440hz frequency. What is interesting about this specific number is that there is an ongoing discussion that nothing harmoniously comes out of it. It is said by scientists that this frequency is unnatural and creates disharmony in listeners. We are advised to listen to music in 432hz, which is the universal frequency.

432hz is better than 440hz , because the frequency of the former resonates with the heart chakra. It heals and helps you become more creative and relaxed. 432 hz

Learn to become yourself. Stop breastfeeding from society.

Look, there is no right or wrong way to live your life. Stop comparing yourself to other people, stop competing or looking for attention. Don’t live for others, but start living for yourself.
Do whatever makes you happy, do whatever you are passionate about, even if people say negative things about it. Teach yourself how to become more authentic. Whenever you move towards your authenticity, your frequency increases.
Ask yourself, who’s life am I living? Theirs or mine?

Surrounds yourself with frequencies higher than yourself. Go in the forest, look at the sunset, hike a mountain, jump in the river,meet and connect to people who are high.
Try to stay away from frequencies that are low – such as negative emotions, negative experiences, negative people.

Stop gossiping.

Gossiping a lot, we are wasting a lot of our internal energy. We become less creative.
But through creativity we start to increase your frequency. When we focus on creating, our frequency increases. The more we start to gossip or create drama, the more our frequency decreases.
Be aware and in the right state of mind.

Start moving.

Yoga, calisthenics, martial arts, – one of the best practices to increase your frequency.
You better become flexible if you want to learn how to ride the waves of life.

Have fun.

This is one of the fastest way to raise your frequency. Do things that are fun and exciting for you. It might be skating, snowboarding, walking, hiking, whatever. Movement will increase your vibrations. The more you shake it, the more you increase it.

Get back to nature.

Nature is the ultimate healer. Nature is super high, the frequency there is massive. Hug the tree, look at the bees, feel the warming sun. Nature is the truth. We used to live in nature so we will benefit from being from it tremendously. In the natural environment the ego begins to dissolve. When spending time in nature we become more mindful and we start to realize what is most important for us.
To be happy, to make relationships and to make the world a better place.

Have a beautiful day.

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