The Power of Words

the power of words

What if every word was a beam of light?

I bet we would be more cautious to the words we select and the cases we use them.

Honestly, we pay too much attention to the wrong mistakes we make in our lexicality. Let’s digest this in a matter of our diction

The way people interact with each other is different. Of course, it varies from culture to culture and nation to nation. But bear with me here to make a slight distinction why we have commonalities in our imperfections.

Raising Awareness

More often than not we correct ourselves and each other for making typos and syntax mistakes. Perhaps that is being much emphasized on social media and other chat applications. Just because we text, more often than we talk.

The problem which I see, however, is that we pay more attention to precisely those syntax errors such as punctuation, typos, and grammar mistakes. Which are very important. As well as lexical mistakes.

the power of words
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And those we neglect too much, as far as I am concerned. It is vital to understand the power of words. To use words with caution and accuracy. Because after all, we have the freedom of choice to use them as we like. And even to use the words we like. Even two words being synonyms, they carry a different charge. They express perhaps slight, but different emotion. If you know what I mean.

So what I suggest is to raise your consciousness around the notion of what words do you use in each interaction you have. Even with yourself. Not to mention is far more important to prioritize your inner dialog fixation. The words we use shapes our reality. Language is technology. Far more important than your phone. Because your phone is obsolete without it.

Words Gradation

Let’s take the following scenario. You are getting cold and you feel kind of strange. Not yourself lets just say. Less energized than usual. Less productive. Which is no coincidence, its an effect from your actions? Your body is losing synchronization. And while you trying to get better popping pills. Generally known as “medicine” you may be being harsh on yourself. Rating your situation far worse than it is. And perhaps others, close to you, started this. When they said something they intended to sound kind. “You better rest, because you are sick”. They don’t make you feel better.

the power of words
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Exactly this is the moment I often correct myself and others. “I am not sick, just cold”. Watch out for such wrongly used words. It could be anything. Just the gradation of words is inappropriate in my opinion. I use exaggeration on purpose sometimes for making this funny.

However, exaggeration is gradation on purpose.

And I have met people who correct me as well. That’s the best part. Then you can say that you are safe to learn in an authentic environment. Although you might feel kind of offended, when somebody corrects your “word selection” and phrases, deep down you know you they are right. Not because of anything else.

Its simply reverse psychology.

Change Does Take Time

It is a long process to use the right words in the right context. Sometimes we say give me that “thing” over there, which actually confuses people. And the other person immediately respond “which one?”, without even look around first. It just not efficient. But that is what comes naturally from our mouth.

“Fake it till you make it”

To come up with the right words at the right time about the right things you need to practice. So do I. We recently started a Podcast called Jungle Jam with my friends Ivo and Ivan. It is part of our internship and I pay now far more attention to what comes out of my mouth.  Be patient.

Yet don’t get too hard on yourself. Sing, rap, read and speak more. That’s it.

As times go by you will decrease your mental filters that check each word before you say it.

the power of words
Photo by Camille Orgel on Unsplash

The Outcome

It is fun, it is smooth and you feel nice to speak with fluidity and connect with others. No matter the language you can still get intact with it. I used to think learning languages is hard, yet it is, only if you believe that fact. But why would you? Make it easy for yourself, believe you can do it. And please avoid that catch when you think its so easy that you postpone daily practice.

Your appear confident when you speak fluid. It’s not that important if you are fluent or not.

A little counterintuitive, but that’s what I learned from a seals workshop. It’s true.

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