Being effective

What is being effective and how to get better.

What is the single, most important, goal for me?

That is the question we all know we need to ask ourselves to get our priority straight. It is only one thing. Not number one, number two, etc. …  But here it gets a little complicated.

Being effective is not what we are in everything, that is called perfection. And I am sorry, but perfection isn’t the goal. It is a vague dream. 

“Strife for perfection to achieve excellence”

                                                                                     Vince Lombardi 

I like this quote, because it give us the reason to take massive action. But why we need to do more where we want to get more for less time? Isn’t that what is being effective? It is simple, we all want to be there, but it takes time. It takes practice. We haven’t been created with any knowledge or wisdom. We need to put time and try different things until we find something that clicks. Effectiveness is the goal of every modern business, trying to get more for those fixed cost that it is already paying. And it is funny how that transfers to our personal life. Well at least for some of us, who want more of it. We try to do more before going to work. Otherwise we are just chasing other people’s agenda. Sleep, eat, work, repeat. When that might be the case for some entrepreneurs, it is rarely a long-term goal.

How do we measure effectiveness? With time. A simple example. If you produce more units than Tony, for the same time, you are being more effective. Then the boss is likely to keep you longer on work and give you more props. Were that doesn’t mean that Tony isn’t efficient per se. Perhaps he haven’t right, or have been distracted, or he haven’t used the best method. Multiples criteria overlaps here and that’s why the isn’t one solution. Moreover there are many for different situations.

“If you do the right thing at the wrong time you get pain”

Tony Robbins


Wise words from a wise man. But what does that tell us? Do more things, to find those that fit in your capabilities. And eventually it will get smoother. But that require patience. Patience to improve your skills by practice and reading. Where that is only the entry-level. Knowledge isn’t effective, wisdom is. Knowledge is simply potential power that will help you resolve an issue/problem for “x” amount of time. Wisdom, on the other hand is that what is saving your time. And perhaps you need to pay for it sometimes to save yours. Because by definition wisdom is extracted from long hours of expertise. Where that gives you the ability to see what actually brings awesome results, not only works.  It is awesome to be in that level, but in these ages of mediocrity it is hard to find your way to mastery.

That’s why average methods and solutions aren’t much demanded. They are everywhere. Where creative new traits are prone to be effective. For every thing there are some secret moves that save time. If you don’t know how to grill a burger patty you won’t do it faster than a cook will. And it is like that for everything. Specialization is effective. There are being more tech job created after every new emerging technology. They tend to be very narrow and deep in their subject matter. That’s why I can’t describe what my friends are working to my grandmother.

Lastly, with all that being said about excelling and chasing results and goals, there are a few more things to keep in mind. Sometimes it happens that we have the resources to do certain thins the best way possible, aka being effective and creative. But other times it isn’t the case. I am still getting myself to do those things. It is also a reminder for myself and I hope you find that post helpful too. Upgrade with patience. Enjoy the process.

PS: If you lost your key in the hash. Don’t dig for it, ask your roommate to make a duplicate for you. 🙂


Who are you gonna be, if you could become whatever you want?

It sounds like you need some extraterrestrial power here to help you change. But seriously think about the following questions.

Can we really change our current situation? 

What, if we see no limits for our greatness?

What will happen, if you could become anything? Is your choice going to be easier or harder?

Which superhero are you going to pick, or you are going to create your own?

Yes it might sound like some philosophy far from reality, but lets take a look from what is really stopping us. As a simple imagination exercise try to answer the previous questions. And perhaps when you try, you will see it isn’t that easy, although it is just a thought experiment. Our mind is creating this million other possibilities to pick from when there are no boundaries. They expand our imagination and our choice gets more difficult. Or maybe it’s just me.


Here is what we could do. accepting external rules and dogmas are somewhat necessary, if we want to fit in the system. While some of them we could replace with our own. What I mean by that? Well the questions actually aren’t that much far from the future to become reality. That isn’t some magical show and I am not talking about the circus. In fact, take a look what Space X have done in the last years. It takes a lot to launch a rocket into space. And not even that, but to make more progress than NASA or Russian’s Roscosmos. That was building the first reusable rocket. Also Moon Express is aiming extremely high. Naveen Jain is an astonishing man, with goals so big that he literally knows no boundaries. At least for us it looks like that. Where he first knew he wants to become and set his own boundaries. His company is planning to launch a first robotic mission to go to the Moon and start exploring its natural resources. Where he initially intends to extract and collect Helium 3 to bring it back to Earth, that is only the beginning. Helium 3 has the potential power to fire fusion nuclear reactors and create energy. Where this is a big enough change by itself, he aims far beyond it. Landing on the moon is only going to be the first milestone to a multiplanetary life, is what he says.  And there are other people like Jeff Bezos and sir Richard Branson, who as well are aiming for the space.

This example is just a preview of what is possible. And new opportunities arise with each technical solution brought to the market. Where technology is often understood as machines and electronics it can be much more. It is also well implemented in medicine and neuroscience, pharmacology and education. Those domains are growing with huge exponential trends and it seems they are not stopping. And everything that is being created is getting tempting to buy. We seek the different we seek the new crazy stuff, that’s how we are wired. That is how Internet of Things is boosting data science, when we buy those new technologies. We are measuring our activity in multiple ways and everything in return gets back into analysis and modification.

Is now answering those initial questions now more compelling? I hope so. Where we constantly move from seeking pleasure and avoiding pain we restrict growth. But some of us overcome those blocks. And truly it is hard, but seeking for something more is the key. Being comfortable is temporary, because there is always some of us trying to get our spot. It is a battle. Funny enough, I don’t believe that one’s success determines other person’s failure. But comfort and procrastination does.

The path of least resistance

Most people walk in a haze through life. It is literally everyday it’s just another day to push. Why is that.

It is easier to keep your senses close. It is easier to let marketing and advertising to dictate your values. It is easier to let external sources feed you and make your day. But what happens when you skip a dose? Something is missing, we have felt that feeling. I used to buy a bunch of things that I don’t need. And that is part of what Edward Norton discussed in Fight Club. We indulge in consumerism. And I still fall in that trap today, however my awareness cuts most of the useless commodities. Does not matter, if it is IKEA items, as mentioned in the movie or some other stuff that come across your way.

Are you using your brain, or it is using you?

Take a moment next time before purchasing the next thing and, simply give it more awareness and perhaps delay, if it isn’t anything of vital need. 

We are constantly being bombarded with stimulation and most of it is cheap. In fact, organizations strive to make their products/services more accessible to the vast majority of population, to profit more. Mediocre things for the middle class. Simple right?

If you want more, do more!


Standing on a crossroad with a multiple signs pointing in everybody elses clear directions is confusing. Confusing  by the fact of existing that many possibilities. It’s overwhelming And we do have much of those options, paths. Representing other people’s agendas, which of course want to make it simple for us to be easier to follow. While there isn’t anything bad in that route of choice, there is another entire highway to pick. Where you make your crossroads that eventually will join people. It is about creating your own way. How to do it? Take massive action. The path of least resistance is there for a reason, many of us tried to battle it. But most of us didn’t persist enough. That resistance is making it hard to breakthrough and express your own ideas to the world. Your personality, your character. And there is a beauty in that.

With that much conditioning from advertisers and marketing we end up getting the wrong message. Building awareness is one of the solutions to unwire ourselves and find the our true set of values. Those that drive our actions and commitments. It is literally our direction in life.

Dare to be different

Being different is in my opinion misunderstood. It can be surely weird sometimes, but that’s how we all begin. Speaking about, on the same matter, about finding your own way. Creatives are kings of expression. Doesn’t matter the form, nor the art. It is a way to find peace in our own mind by putting your ideas on the table. Just any kind of domain, platform or anything nowadays can show your work. Your creation to others. And that is what is great about the WWW, it connects random people with similar ideals.  And why not being different in that fashion? Isn’t Iphone different? It very much own its success, because of that unique feature.

Design your own way that you want to live. And cut down the things that are conditioning you. Expel the exempt. Time is here for us to now. And it will never be a better moment. That is what is hidden after you get up above the water. Limitless ideas to become alive are waiting for. What are you waiting for?

Ps: It may sound philosophical for you, but that is why you need to read this post again. I hope it helps a little glimpse of light to shine through your window. Because you can’t read the right newspaper otherwise.


Happiness is for free

Happiness is for free! What a simple, yet confusing phrase. Check why and how.

Do you believe me? You need to keep on reading than.

While modern society tells you to chase money, fame, career and status that is rarely the way leading to happiness. It’s superficial, meaning it covers the true and real joy of life.

Sharing is caring”you might heard before. And also by sharing what you have, you “buy” happiness. But there isn’t any transaction for that trade. You don’t get any receipt. In fact, being outcome dependent when sharing something will corrupt the appreciation from the receiving end. It is meant to be unselfishly.

Happiness multiplies when it’s shared.

When you have nothing to eat, but a snickers, are you willing to share it with a person in need? I guarantee you that by giving him half, just half of that snickers, you will get satisfaction. That joy will feed you, like you are all of it by yourself. Simple right.

But what often stands by our way is that we are in a hurry. All the time chasing some tasks, dribbling balls into our court. That add a lot of pressure and sometimes it is unnecessary. Yeah we will now that, you would say. What is the solution than. Cultivate patience, a lot of patience. It is rarely enough. Patience for ourselves and patience for others. And don’t mistake patience for procrastination. Procrastination is when you constantly slack off. It is when you try to avoid action. Where patience is when you still act, but with slower tempo. A simple question to convince yourself to slowdown is: “What would it happen if I get this thing one week later?” Mostly likely you aren’t going to lose that much as you first thought, if anything.

Those are just a few thoughts on the subject. I will surly delve in deep in this topic later.

Ps: Do you like reggae music?

Finding peace within yourself

Finding peace within yourself is a process of disconnecting and reconnecting back with more clarity to your own reality

Many of us are terrified by living alone. Not even living, just by the simple though that you will be alone in the crowd.

Let me tell you what is on the other side. I like being alone, even though I consider myself extroverted. It brings me peace and serenity. Knowing yourself is not a phrase for maturity, rather it’s a exploration process into the self. And that beings with resistance…

It takes time to change the feeling of discomfort , with less uncomfort. It will decrease with time.However, it will never go away. My goal isn’t to make you ditch your friends and reconsider moving into a cave. It is simply to harness your harmony within you.

Have you ever stayed outside, in cold weather, very cold. Where you didn’t have any gloves and your hands start to freeze. It feels like time isn’t going nowhere, wile you are trying to find a warm pocket for them. But when you do, oh man, didn’t they burn after that? Like some kind of chilling fire, if there is such a thing at all. This is perhaps the same feeling you will experience when you are alone, trying to figure out where are you in place and time. It will be very cold In the beginning, but when you accept it and get used to it over time, it will make perfect sense.

We are social creatures first and foremost. Of course we are, that’s why one of the biggest fears of humanity is to be left alone. Back in the days people, were dying because of this. Fast forward, nowadays we have much better scenario. But for what reason?

I believe that living a while detached from friends and family will give you new ideas to mind. Personally I know that people around me can easily influence me with new interesting ideas. Meaning I am very open-minded. Where spending time with friends usually lead to the same things. Or maybe you will get motivated, from a YouTube video, and try something new. But the chances are it won’t stick around. People don’t like change. It’s just in our nature.

Taking time for yourself is like disconnecting and reconnecting to life.

Switching your familiar environment with a radically different one is getting you out of your biases. Not so fast as you read it though. It takes time to think of an idea and get courageous about it. At least that’s me. But time spend is nothing, if you find your gift in life during the search. That is what I am looking forward!

Ps: I love my friends and family. I can’t wait to see them, after those last eight months abroad. But I would perhaps never wrote this post otherwise.

Enter the dream

Enter the dream is getting into more details how to sleep well

You are falling down a building and slowly realize that you are getting down with top speed. Accelerating high makes you shake in bed .. And you woke up again.

Dreams are our getaway from reality, and they give us a great experience. Which in some cases can be controlled. Those are lucid dreams. In which you realize you are dreaming, but rather waking up, you continue dreaming while this time having control over it. The possibilities are within your imagination. But this takes some practice and proper knowledge to trigger lucidity.

An interesting fact is that we all have dreams every night, but we forget some of them before we wake up.

After a hard day working or training, perhaps going for both. When you are having those high performance days, you get into the bed easily and dreams occur more often. At least that is what I have been noticed for myself. It is also useful to think about an issue/puzzle you want to solve before going to bed. And they say, that it is possible to dream about the answer. Every single sleep has different conditions, which all reflect on your dream and the overall quality of it.

To get the maximum out of your bed time you might consider those tips useful.

  • Get a pitch black room, ultimately. 
  • Quiet as possible
  • not too warm and not too cold / 22 around  º C
  • comfortable mattress
  • airy room

Those are what I consider the basics. And we all need standard 8 hours of sleep in those conditions. If anything else we can go for a nap in the afternoon. However, a nap is super good and pleasant. We might consider getting a short nap for 40 min or a longer one for 1,5 hours. In that way you won’t break your sleep cycles, gaining more energy for you. It is different for every person though. I experiment with my own amount of sleep. It also depends how old you are. That plays huge role.


Sleep is the time when our muscles grow and when our mind shuts down for a moment. It is recovery for the body and mind. There is a progression during our sleep in getting into deeper and enriching sleep. Getting into different phases is in the following order: 1 & 2 phase, 3 & 4 phase, 5 phase. The first two are putting you to fall asleep, but not into deep sleep. It is a state where your body is getting relaxed. Next is 3rd & 4th phase in which your body gets still and your eyes start to move rapidly – REM sleep. And the 5th phase is deep sleep, where your body and your brain is recovering much more on Delta waves. They are restarting your capacities for being active again the next day. Of curse, if you are not hung over. Alcohol tends to disturb sleep as we well know.

Sleeping is also restarting our short-term memory. If we want to go take an exam the next day, and we didn’t prepare that much studying all night is an effective method. Not so good for missing your night sleep, but helping you remember the things you have just read.

With all new technologies that are being created nowadays, especially digital watches and phone apps. We can measure our sleep data from them, precisely enough to see how much time of which phase we got. This is profound for being at your best and performing your best. There are a lot of things to experiment with. I might delve in more in the near future. For example smells, time, positions, etc.

PS: Sweet dreams and write it down! 🙂


Living off the grid

Living off the grid is an awesome experience. Check out what I have to say.

Have you ever thought about selling everything and moving out somewhere unknown and desolated place? Hidden from lazy eyes, but waiting for the seeker to be discovered. A getaway spot that disconnects you from the urban fast pace life and reconnects you with nature.

We are a by-product of nature and we live again because of it. Nature is free for everyone and very diverse. It is there to makes us wonder and use its fruits as we wish. But sometimes we don’t look after nature the same way, she does. Which discussed in previous topic. (click here) All those gifts that we find valuable from the ground and above are for free. We put prices on them and label them, specialize their production. And we all need them, to craft our new house, so we have a shelter.

nature_background_light_stains_paint_83541_1280x1024.jpgBuilding houses is a big leap after cave man ages. We started to settle down for a local life. Creating this new style we saw the benefits to live in a static place. Where everything is there for us to exploit. We started to create villages with people from the same tribe. And over time it build up in a big tribe, later they share the same culture and it emerges into nation. And we than settle down for a more safer life.

When you are outside the city you start to experience the influence of mother nature stronger. You can glimpse moments of that way of living when camping or going to your village. But you are not really getting to understand the full way of it until you made a chose to that for a longer period of time. I remember how I was growing on the weekends outside of my hometown. It is very strange experience for a city child, but somehow, if you have inherited to value nature from your family or another way you do things differently. You won’t be angry if the Wi-fi doesn’t work, because you know you don’t need it. People living off the grid are offline. That’s the point. However, even if you are not used to that way of living you can move somewhere for a suitable time for you to experience the wild.

Remote living is a extreme for modern civilization and the fancy lifestyles that are praised by mainstream society. It is a sacrifice in those people’s eyes and that perspective is one of the many. Nature is there for you to interpret as you wish and desire. Perhaps you connect nature with the weather or the plans and animals they live in. Where all that is absolutely true, there is , more to add. Your could experience nature more fully if you decide to see and to engage yourself in more isolated place. Your local park is not going to give you that same feeling, nor a single trail hikes. It takes time to plant some tree and to see it grow. Any plant or take care of an animal, where you are disconnected from the web. Not much technologies, but enough food, water. Shelter and friends. Those are the basic needs to disconnect once from civilization and then to reconnect with nature. That will be sufficient way to appreciate what nature can offer you in its purest.

Those remote places give me so much serenity and tranquility that nothing else. I am a nature lover and I see the beauty of it. When you wake up with the sun and go to bed with it. You are cultivating more energy, and you are at ease. You don’t feel rushed you just taking your time to go through the day to do certain things, but it’s not that demanding for your attention and making you scattered. Those are still save conditions to live a normal life, you are not trying to survive, you are living. And the key is to get used to it with those sober conditions, where later you can allow yourself some technologies. Why this order is that important? Because, technologies nowadays are still not that well supported in off grid places. And more likely less reliable. You don’t want to freak out with internet don’t you. No Netflix and Pringles. … O M G

PS: I currently live at the house on the main picture  ^_^