My Wish for Myself


“Writing for yourself in the future:

Go Go Go GoPro, for Ruckus! Feeling awesome here. I thought that bliss was gone. Adjacent possible reminded me I have been mistaken. Something that awesome happens when your vision overlaps with the present moment. You manifest your dreams and new emerge. Now go for more to see above, beyond the current burdens. The limits that are present. To witness new Havana. A mirage that stays for long enough to grasp. I wish myself a vital life of joy and happiness among abundant people surrounding me. And is what I wish to you. “

The stuff that we wish to create are here already. Just notice the ideas living in your mind. By realizing that anything is possible new burdens arise. We could let ourselves observe all that for some time to get used to. By looking into the realm of possibilities, where the context starts to dissolve. You can recontextualize your reality, shape it as you wish. Your subjective present experience.

 You behold what you become. Reality is subjective. Subjectivity is only present in the moment.


We can see beyond the horizon with the right mindset and the right tools. Discipline needs to be established. As well as rituals, not a habits. Those which raise your consciousness.


The point of reaching nirvana to elevate yourself to new states of consciousness. Which brings us new powers. New things become accessible. And the only way that I am familiar to predict the future, at least the most probable, is to create it.  To extrapolate the past so we can prevail that basis of existence.

I used to be all over the place. To do multiple things and stuff and hang out with different people. But before that I never did so much beyond the virtual realm of World of Warcraft. And that was new to me. So what matter is to shift your perspective. Not because you are told to, its only if you want.

An ontology design

Break down your surroundings. Explore the accessible and shape it as you wish. Abundance is present, it’s not a bliss. Flow through life. That’s why we want to wrap all that in Flow Lifestlye Design. Which is the art of creating our subjective realities as some portable flow dojos. So wherever we go we go with reason. Wherever you go, there you are. And whatever we do essentially might trigger a flow experience. Or at least to respect the process of creation. To design the surroundings, that in turn are going to design you back. Also to practice “rituals”, literary, that rise your consciousness. Such as meditation, yoga, BJJ and other martial arts, snowboarding & surfing and much more sports. Some extras might be cold showers and breath control exercises daily. To establish new ground. I feel confident to link pain with consciousness. It sobers you up.



And that is making us more active and alive.

More accustomed to new adventures and taking risks as well. Which none of us are used to. Eventually scary things are there to remind us what feelings are, but that’s not all. It’s true that sometimes I have platoes of moods. A moments of boredom and too much chill. So that’s why we do all those practices. But don’t confuse rising the stage with raising your states.  Make it sustainable so that you can experience well-being not only fulfillment.

As I read the book Abundance by Steven Kotler and Peter Diamandis. I get new inspirations. And something struck me, and I haven’t even finished the book yet. What are we going to do when we achieve absolute abundance among the whole population on the planet? If so, even hypothetically what would happen?

Most of us and certainly all to whatever degree they do we identify with our jobs. And we run our life’s through those roles. So it’s safe to say that life is a game. But are you choosing to create your own or to play someone else’s? Not that I made it. I simply observe and wonder as well.

Nevertheless, role playing is important, truly valuable for our self-improvement. It helps us get into different states by changing your role. Flirt is role playing too. Just think about how different context require us to act a different way. Which is generally socially perceived a certain way therefore accepted. And don’t you dare to step over those unwritten laws. But what if you do?

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