What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

morning motivation
A rant on good deeds and motivational mondays. What gets me up in the morning?

Yes, it is early. The room is cold and dark far away from the warmth of your bed. Every single step you make just increases the distance between the comfort you had.

But what makes today so special you might ask?

“How on Earth a day could be special if not all of them?” asked himself our hero twice.

I am looking for a better tomorrow. A world with minimized fear, disinformation and glorified friendships of ordinary people.

There must be something more we can do to co-create those ideals, dear not only to my hearths.

We are connected in our essence

An urge so natural that it makes me want to jump out of bed every morning whispers me…

“Many things could have gone wrong, some did, many things could have been better and some are”. Lying down in bed I am still thinking of what had happened to me over the last year.

My temptations are the same as probably three years ago. Yes, I know how to act upon them a little better. Do I have progress though? Not sure. I have more skills, I know more people better, I don’t have more money, I am in great health. What a game plan would look like?

Oh God so here is the truth

I believe my destiny is to co-create. To jump out of bed this morning or any given morning is the same. It is to hurl myself into the demystified world of economics and manufactured world order.

morning motivation 6

Instead of seeking permission in that chaos, I seek fellows. Not love or friendships. I am both. Those who seek those higher values, undermine them in themselves. In a way, a leader is who you want to be. It is probably referred to as a manager of some sort. Yes, you’re a manager, your own leader. Each and every one of us has that computing mechanism to guide herself throughout the day.

Living consciously is not the easiest thing in the world.

Here I suggest leadership as a way of setting an example for your future self. “I want to be who I say I am going to be. Look. I am doing it. It is better today.”

So it is the light in my own reflection, the glimpse in my dreams that moves me early in the morning. That future horizon which casts its magic upon me to chase the falling sun.

Sometimes I roll on the other side and slack. But in a day like today, I dream big, because I do good to my fellow human beings. It is very simple yet oftentimes easy to forget. I feel supported the most when I do support other people.

I gave my answer or at least I spoke my mind as we do in this blog. So I leave out the question to you.

What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

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