The Different States of Mind

States of mind

A short intro towards eliciting non-ordinary states of consciousness.

We are all the same. We all want experiences. Ecstasies. To have fun and enjoy life.

And perhaps some would say they are different, of course. We have different needs. Marketing also suggests and predispose us to certain things. It implies things which we do not need. Let’s focus on our similarities for a moment. However, we must exclude basic human needs such as food, shelter, and sex. I am speaking about the fourth drive.

The drive towards altered states of mind.

States of mind
In a small gallery somewhere in Dublin – Benda Maller, “Ebb & Flow(captured with my iPhone SE)


Every now and then we want to feel something than our basic emotions. Whenever those moments come we try to elevate our consciousness and thus change its state. Which, is leaving us without a breath and could only be described through first-hand personal experiences.


People don’t chase those. They believe the other “glamorous” goods & services marketed to their door. And yes they look nice packed, shiny, beautifully designed yet they ain’t making you a better person per se.

It is vital to understand that we are a product of marketing. Just observe, its pretty self-explanatory. We are surrounded by stuff that we don’t need and just the surplus of comfort we live in enables us to buy them.

But would you go to buy Coca-Cola, if you were dying of thirst? Or a bottle of mineral water?

We are scratching the surface. Looking for that beginner’s high in every domain within our reach. Just for fun. And yes it is. But frankly why not excelling in something that is going to produce much more for us over time.

Give to yourself now to give to be able to pay yourself later.

Specialize in one thing.

Mastery is the way to deep flow experience. Realize that every goal that you have or might have, requires its path to mastery to achieve it. Where you upgrade your skill set and challenge it with others to excel even more. And the upgrade is not the point, neither the awards. It’s simply the joy of the present practice. The action itself – flow at this level. When you meet your skill set with the right challenge.

States of Mind

States of mind
Somewhere in Guinness Storehouse (captured with my iPhone SE)


We have already discussed flow states in our previous posts. It is never enough to highlight how the control of your mind can change your states of consciousness. Some of those states are within your reach and some are not.

Mystical experiences – whenever you witness vision and/or feelings that shape your present experience out of order and in a way makes it divine.

Synchronicities – Whenever you do/say things at the same time with others when being together. They appear as natural and spontaneous acts. Also, it could be you searching for something in the background and suddenly it pops up. Whether that is a film you were trying to remember or a song. For example when you gave up trying to remember the name of the song you are looking for and soon after they put it on the radio. In other words meaningful serendipities.

Strange feelings that could bring us to those non-ordinary states of consciousness:

Jamis vu => when something feels not right but is quite ordinary

Deja Vu => when you feel you have been at this place or in this situation before.

Presque vu (The tip of the tongue) => when you are looking for a word but you can’t find it

Without a doubt, you would experience such states and feelings, and maybe you already have. The question is do you notice them when they occur? Take a moment and see how you feel next time.

And just as a side note, many other states of mind are effects of different substances – psychoactive compounds. That is your personal choice. However, those listed above could be harnessed solely by your own conscious attention to reality.

Just observe and manage your feelings.

In a Nutshell

Those altered states of mind make you feel relieved, set you at ease and give you goosebumps. Different feelings might arise, but positivity is in all their nature. Time gets distorted and we flew in a wave of feelings, sometimes bliss, but most of it is a pure focus. Our attention gets focused on one thing.

States of mind
Camping with Ivan & Ivo in Masspalomas, Gran Canaria, Spain (captured with my iphone SE)

Experiencing more of those would make your apter to jump into flow states. It makes you a balanced human being. Centered in reality. That being able only if you are in a relaxed and calm. Not obsessing if things don’t go as you expected and losing your nerves.

Raise the stage, not the state

By managing your own emotions you are going to gain more control over those events. Control is an abstract term in that case. I don’t know people who can tap in those states on command. But my friends and I get pretty often synchronicities. Perhaps because we relate and connect.

Change your surroundings and find the peace in life to spike your creativity and awareness towards spontaneous emerging altered states of mind.


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