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The Everlasting Change

Apr 25 2018
Aleksandar Dimitrov

I am sitting here in my bed at 2 am, it’s about time when I usually write blog posts a such. Rage against the dying of the light. It might be a figure of speech, but its literal. I am…

The other side of perfect

Apr 24 2018
Ivan Ivanov

The need for acceptance is an essential human instinct,  however some people value it more than others do. We all want to fit in, to be accepted by society. In order to achieve that, we often present different versions of…

Synchronizing the mind and the body

Apr 21 2018

Synchronizing the mind and the body – that’s not just a concept, it’s not just a random technique, invented by somebody, or an idea. It’s more of a basic principle of human being and existence, it’s a way of developing…

How to snap out of the safe lane?

Apr 19 2018
Aleksandar Dimitrov

In this age of time we are radical losing sense of our understanding how things works. During teenage years we learn how to socialize despite all. And we grow personally in terms of identity. That, for the most part, remains…

Youth has no age.

Apr 17 2018
Ivan Ivanov

Growing up to 100 years without really being old. Think about it what is better than a long journey on planet earth, along with health and without all the negatives that age causes. I am going to start by sharing…

Transition of our age

Apr 15 2018
Aleksandar Dimitrov

A lot of times we see science as something complicated, it is found by youngsters to be very boring from early age. Unless you are a complete geek and an outcast. But here we are, a little grown up and…

Follow your bliss

Apr 03 2018
Aleksandar Dimitrov

Whatever happens be sure that it’s your call. How come you might ask? Its simple. Let me explain In any given situation you have at least to possibilities. A) Do what you have to do or B) Switch lanes. A…

Travelling Rant

Mar 21 2018
Aleksandar Dimitrov

Do you like to travel? Yes, you probably do. Although some of us are not daring to do it that is becoming more and more of a rhetorical question. Traveling is supported by mainstream media, social media, airlines, tour agencies,…