Meet Your New Best Friend – Pain


Everybody has experienced pain in their lives, one way or another. And some people try to avoid it after a severe damage at some point. Here is the moment to redirect your energy to something else than living a life avoiding pain.

Pain will be always there for you. Which creates resistance, because we all know what is it like to burn yourself on the stove.

If you call pain, it will come. But sometimes it just doesn’t want to get away. Just get over it. Accept it. fighting against only backfires you even more.

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But it hurts, I know. What I also know is that when you accept it, it becomes lighter.

Pain learns pain heals, pain develops.

Those things that hurt us are there for a reason. It doesn’t matter if it is an emotional, physical or mental pain. It is merely a challenge which we need to pass to climb to the next level.

Being a wrestler or fighter means that you know what pain means. Competing in these disciplines shows that you accept pain. Winning happens when you overcome that pain. And of course yourself. I have experienced some of those moments. And it wasn’t enough

The more voluntary pain we choose to suffer, the less involuntary pain we will encounter

There Are Two Types of Pain.

Physical and emotional.

Getting through physical pain is relatively easier than overcoming emotional.

It is harder because emotions bother us. We usually don’t wanna do things when we are tired or annoyed. But feelings and emotions don’t help us to accomplish our goals. Some people call it discipline, but for me, it is fighting the resistance that pulls you back. Get on top of physical sensations by practicing sports and maintaining productive daily rituals.

Emotional pain also last longer, which makes it is more rewarding when you overcome it. It is usually the case that we escape pain from the wrong places. We just want to feel comfortable. And it hurts even more. It is interesting to examine it closer. As Seth Godin speaks often about emotional labor, it is what makes you an artist overcoming pitfalls and problems.

Take a look on the other side

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor on Unsplash


What is the alternative if you befriend pain?

What if you engage with it every day?

It will ultimately liberate you. Sounds crazy, perhaps for the moment is crazy right. But this is what is possible.

It will lose its power over you. Yes, it’s going to hurt, maybe even more, but you are going to be prepared for that, right? I am fascinated by stoicism mindset and philosophy. Which begins with Marcus Aurelius. And it is not a secret that a lot of successful people nowadays are into it as well. A couple of names that might ring a bell are Conor McGregor and Tim Ferris. And of course, there are a lot more people known and unknown who involve themselves in stoicism.

Basic concept is to be always prepared for the pain you suffer, no matter what.

It is a long-term practice leading to freedom because the pain of doing it will be always less than the pain of resistance.

Just committing to something and doing it in spite of the circumstances is liberating. Your thoughts and actions get aligned, which makes you more focused, grounded and productive.

Finally, I want to give you one last reminder, that it is essential to keep in mind, in case you want to go hard on pain.

Pain can be both devastating and healthy pain. I am only writing about the benefits of healthy pain. With that being said, please double-check and consult yourself with somebody who has an experience on whatever you might want to do if it is too grandiose and risky!

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