Meditation in Everyday Life

Meditation is a practice in which you sit down, close your eyes and focus your attention at one thing at a time, sounds easy right? Okay, here is a challenge go and try it for yourself – spend 10 minutes meditating and than continue reading. Do not worry there is no such thing as “bad meditation”.

Meditating is process in which you learn a new skill. Learning to meditate is like learning to ride a bike, simply said. It takes practice and consistency. Do not worry if you don’t see results at the beginning or if you fail to stay in a static position or whatever your issue might be. It is more of a practice, not meditation perfect. 

A good thing to remember is that meditation is not about changing yourself, it is not about creating yourself or even improving yourself. It is the process of training in awareness and perspective. You’re not trying to exclude your thoughts or feelings. It is more about learning to observe them without judgment, eventually you can understand them.
So now that you have a basic understanding of what meditation is, let us see what is mediation actually doing and how it can improve our lives?

1. Reduces stress.
We live in a world where most of the people have tight schedules, a lot of responsibilities,
desires and goals to achieve. The stress can be a lot, indeed. Meditation is helping relief that stress. How?
Through meditation we become more aware of our emotions, as we start understanding them. It is a relief because we will have more space to respond and will be more aware of how to work with situations.  In other words we learn to deal with unavoidable situations more peacefully.

2. Enhance self – awareness.
The present moment is all there ever is. However, most people ignore it, busy thinking about
the future or the past, being stuck. The idea here is to gain greater awareness of your thought habits. Meditation is teaching us to be in that moment, to be present. How? By simply focus on your breath, or be aware of what your surroundings are.  Because being aware is the process of going within and connecting with your true self.

Here is another challenge – The next time you are about to pick up your phone, try to look around and notice the different sound and smells. Notice the people. Notice everything that is going on around you.

When you are here and now, sitting totally, not jumping ahead, the miracle has happened. To be in the present moment is a miracle – Oslo

3. Improve sleep.
How do we recharge ourselves from a long day? You guessed – by having a good sleep. Research suggests that people who meditate produce far more brainwaves that boost deep relaxation and deep sleep. Meditation before going to bed is a must do for me. I encouraged you to give it a try. It is better to spend 10 minutes meditating, than 10 hours of struggle falling asleep.

4. Improves attention and focus.
It’s easy to get distracted, especially nowadays with all those sources of information and fast forward things happening. Too much information can cause lack of attention. Fortunately, paying attention is a skill that can be learned. How? By using meditation we can learn how to let go of the distractions, as we understand them. The effect will enable us to focus that attention to the things that we want. Applying focus to more and more things and overtime it will become natural and we won’t need to even think about it.

The benefits from meditation are countless. These are my top 4 as I have been meditation for quite a while. I have still a long journey ahead of me . I hoped you find it useful and not only that but to try meditation.

P.S. Share with us your opinion on the topic, and if you have tried meditation tell us about your experience.

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