Living Off the Grid

Living off the grid is an awesome experience. Check out what I have to say.

Have you ever thought about selling everything and moving out somewhere unknown and desolated place?

Hidden from lazy eyes, but waiting for the seeker to be discovered. A getaway spot that disconnects you from the urban fast pace life and reconnects you with nature.

We are a by-product of nature and we live again because of it.

Living With Nature

Nature is free for everyone and very diverse. It is there to makes us wonder and use its fruits as we wish. But sometimes we don’t look after nature the same way, she does. Which discussed in the previous topic. All those gifts that we find valuable from the ground and above are for free. We put prices on them and label them, specialize their production. And we all need them, to craft our new house, so we have a shelter.

Building houses is a big leap after cave times.

My stay for a month, Spindleruv Mlyn, Czech


We started to settle down for a local life. Creating this new style we saw the benefits to live in a static place. Where everything is there for us to exploit. We started to create villages with people from the same tribe. And over time it builds up in a big tribe, later they share the same culture and it emerges into a nation. And we then settle down for a more safer life.

When you are outside the city you start to experience the influence of mother nature stronger.

You can glimpse moments of that way of living when camping or going to your village. But you are not getting to understand the full way of it until you made a chose to that for a more extended period.

I remember how I was growing on the weekends outside of my hometown.

It is an extraordinary experience for a city child, but somehow, if you have inherited to value nature from your family or another way you do things differently. You won’t be angry if the Wi-fi doesn’t work, because you know you don’t need it. People living off the grid are offline. That’s the point. However, even if you are not used to that way of living you can move somewhere for a suitable time for you to experience the wild.

What is It Like

Remote living is extreme for modern civilization and the fancy lifestyles that are praised by mainstream society.

It is a sacrifice in those people’s eyes and that perspective is one of the many. Nature is there for you to interpret as you wish and desire. Perhaps you connect nature with the weather or the plans and animals they live in. Where all that is true, there is, more to add.

You could experience nature more thoroughly if you decide to see and to engage yourself in a more isolated place. Your local park is not going to give you that same feeling, nor a single trail hikes. It takes time to plant some tree and to see it grow. Any plant or take care of an animal, where you are disconnected from the web. Not many technologies, but enough food, water. Shelter and friends. Those are the basic needs to disconnect once from civilization and then to reconnect with nature. That will be sufficient way to appreciate what nature can offer you in its purest.

Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky on Unsplash

Those remote places give me so much serenity and tranquility that nothing else. I am a nature lover and I see the beauty of it.

When you wake up with the sun and go to bed with it. You are cultivating more energy, and you are at ease.

You don’t feel rushed you just taking your time to go through the day to do certain things, but it’s not that demanding for your attention and making you scattered.

Those are still saved conditions to live a normal life, you are not trying to survive, you are living. And the key is to get used to it with those sober conditions, where later you can allow yourself some technologies. Why this order is that important? Because technologies nowadays are still not that well supported in off-grid places. And more likely less reliable. You don’t want to freak out with the internet, don’t you? No Netflix and Pringles. … O M G

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