Our Limitations Shape Us


Limitations turned into biases or biases turned into limitations ?

We are all bound to some biases. Which in turn are “work prejudice after a false judgement on something” Merriam Webster, => What we are seeking is already seeking us. But somehow our limitations bound those things we are already looking for. Know ya mean yo ?

[Simple stuff.]

Coming from that single mindedness might kill you.  Because, you shouldn’t not give up on expanding them.

We are all biased from our limitations.

Therefore we start doing some wired rationalization around them. It moves our criteria of filters from our decision-making machine. We start making all of the major decisions under the constructed “new reality”.

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Than we are being told, from doctor’s diagnostics and such, that we are unable to do such and such.  And that is another bias.

They get interwoven hard in one another, so we cannot see the root cause.

Stay sharp. And try to make a difference between those two posts.

Its the way we are, created with different attributes, then abilities, and thus upgrading our skills. Those, I believe are not just natural inclinations. But exactly biases.

How did we got them?

I like that question. But frankly I  don’t know.

I have a ear surgery and I cant get into water. They could be just psychological, without getting too deep. But we ain’t perfect yo and that’s fine.

Just accept it. Do the things you can and excel at them. Be yourself. As also find out the “self” under those new set of rules. Than just follow along and play the game.

It sucks to have a different set of attributes to play the same game with others. While that is life and its up to us, if we acknowledge it or just resist it.  Take it as it is.

Make no excuses for things falling in your ecosystem.  Just say “no” to the information you dislike and don’t benefit from. Which will eventually distract you, if you do so. Therefore causing confusion. Block it. And have no regrets of “missing out” stuff you don’t want (need).

LimitationsPhoto by Quino Al on Unsplash

What does that mean?

If we take a simple decision tree for example.

There are multiple possibilities. At least one, after every deviation on the chart. But they are many. Although that much info on the chart, even if we really make one, we can’t see those biases.

That’s why we talk about raising awareness and mindfulness. To open your eyes for the things that were already there.

Our subjective reality is formed from our decisions. So don’t overlook those initial biases. Raise your awareness. Expand your possibilities. And stand above the crowd.

That could create difficulty in making those decisions. Its natural to encounter new issues, when changing your situation. In turn causing stress and anxiety. But life isn’t supposed to be boring. Take is as a challenge.

While these decisions could be simply made with a tools online and traditional methods. It all begins with setting proper criteria for the favorable outcome you are seeking. Than ask some questions to reveal those alternative who fit your situation the most.

Actually it takes some time to get used to it. As every new endeavor. Patience is always welcome to be applied. Make a game with yourselves. Or participate in a group. Which makes it a little more complex – the path through decision-making. After all we are social creatures and we should invite someone in our lives sooner or later. Than again, it will influence the decisions we take.

Photo by Djamal Akhmad Fahmi on Unsplash


Take care of your decision-making process. While take a look at your biases. Accept them, but also be able to ignore them. Different situations require different measures.

Play the game of life with mindfulness. Dive in the interpretations of your surroundings and see what happens.

By getting more mindful your gain new perspective on things and thus more aware. You understand more about the world.

After all we decide what to call limitation at all.

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