Lifelong Subscription: My Commitments

lifelong subscription

Let me introduce you to the idea of lifelong subscription – aka commitments.

There are many businesses that apply subscription plans for their services it is a good business model to make money.

What would a lifelong subscription look like?

Most likely it is not going to be Spotify, Google Drive or anything similar. Many things in life are impermanent, Notre Dam is a sad example. That’s why the business offers us the option to cancel it at any time. Mine interests change and the market as well. However, I am not writing about business, that’s just to prove a point. I like to think of analogies.

In this post, you will read my lifelong subscriptions, yours might be different and that is ok.

Lifelong Subscription Explained

I just come up with this new way of thinking about my commitments. What would I choose to subscribe to if there wasn’t a way back? My life is impermanent, but my heart has subscribed to beat for life. That is the beauty of lifelong subscription it would end only with my death. It seems like subscription entails some responsible action in a timely manner.

lifelong subscription
That’s me; Captured with my iPhone SE


For some things, we might subscribe only temporary but we don’t know that now. Every subscription seems lifelong in the beginning and rarely that it stays that way. Life never stops and after a while, we might switch to a better provider. The tricky thing is we can not change ourselves as fast as subscriptions to services.

So I asked myself a few questions:

What am I going to subscribe to?

Subscribe to Flow States

Flow lifestyle design is number one here on my list. It is this state of mind that I found many ways to unlock. Through chess, running, skiing, snowboarding, communicating, cooking, martial arts and writing.

It depends what is your battery health, you can’t be in flow all the time. Exactly that is the reason why it is so fun when you do. Flow is the opposite of boredom.

My current catalyst to flow is writing and I trying to commit to it as much as I can.

Living without flow is going to be a significant setback in making life a dream. A dream well lived is a life hard earned. To tap in flow state requires effort after all.

Subscribe to Core Values

Living in harmony and having a clear path in life for me is impossible without acknowledging my values. In order to make that as accurate as possible, I had to make a value assessment.

Many people do it to boil down what their life and identity are all about, and there are as many ways to do it. First I found the exercise in Leo Gura‘s Life Purpose Course and after that, I stumbled upon a similar one in the book “How to Think Like Leonardo Da’Vinci” by Michael J. Gelb. Go look those up if you are interested to do the activity.

My top 5 Core values are Health, Love, Curiosity, Novelty, and Friendship.

Having your values on paper would help to increase your awareness of how you can order your life to feel more drive. Doing this activity though might take some time and I personally did it not only once. It takes time to reveal the actual values you hold.

Action speaks clear about priority. 

Subscribe to Love

To love or not to love?

Love is already watered enough from Hollywood and pop songs, I am far from being an expert on love, but I am not writing about relationship advice either.

Choosing to subscribe to love is incredibly important even for things of lesser importance. This is might come across as a different kind of love, but it is not. Love is anything but science. Here I want to highlight the love towards action, to practice just for its own sake.

The things I hate often became the things I love to do. 

I hated running, I hated reading, and my last wish was to cook when I was hungry. Gladly, things change 180 degrees, but not randomly – I changed.

Those same things now I love doing regardless of how much I used to hate them. Novelty exists in everything you do just for its own sake, without an immediate prize, sometimes not at all. But the reward is the practice. This is a good way to stream into a flow state.

lifelong subscription
Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash


By practicing the things you love doing you love yourself more. At least it works for me, the gratification is a real feeling.

Life demands us to do things we sometimes resent. Like washing dishes or something unpleasant at first sight yet if it is so necessary for the time being to do that for the money or whatever doing it unwillingly doesn’t help me. On the flip side converting myself to love it sets me free, especially if I have to wash dishes until my last days. You never know when the washing machine will stop working again.

Subscribe to Friendship

Friendship is a hot topic for me, but here I just want to offer an idea.

Lifelong subscription to friendship.

Friends come and go, but not so often as hookups do. That is why I am writing about friendship as a whole, not particular friends. You have already chosen your friends or you might be still looking for some – it doesn’t matter.

lifelong subscription
The team; captured with my iPhone SE


Friends or family?

For me, there is not a difference; friends are family. I spend more time with my friends and this I makes it valid for me to hold such a belief. Family is just like a museum, preserving my roots.

I can relate that some prefer a family instead of friends everybody has its own reasons. That is not the case for me, especially living abroad friendship is far more accessible.

Fundamentally my distinction is very simple: you can choose your friends, but not your family.

Living in a world of Instagram and other social media platforms perhaps reinforce looking outward the family house a bit more then we used to. Paradoxically, it seems there is a friendship stagnation – a lack of connection. I have just watched that TEDx talk that speaks about addiction. The insight – addictions are a byproduct of feeling disconnected from others. So drugs make connection obsolete, they can give you all the love at a very high price. Yet friendship is for free.

There is no such thing as friendship prescription and it seems it works wonders evoking a connection between individuals when it is a healthy one.

The Lifelong Subscription Message

There has to be something constant in your life to feel in control and commitments make that possible. Not always, but at least most of the time. Life is unpredictable, but lifelong subscriptions for me are essential.

“Be like water, my friend”

Bruce Lee

As this famous quote suggest to be adaptive and flexible, the same way you have to adapt to your commitments. Although water becomes the shape of its container, it is still water. Thus life is constant gravitation around those commitments regardless of how their implications might change with time.

What is going to be the repercussions if I cancel my subscription?

It is not an option. I will just go nuts.

My take here is that living with my lifelong subscriptions(read commitments) daily helps me design more flow states in my daily life.

The question I want to ask you is:

What would you choose to be your lifelong subscriptions? 

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