Life Never Stops


Life never stops I have to tell you, my friend.

And what is more interesting is that events occur when you at least expect them to.

Do not expect the expected, always be prepared for the unexpected…

My story is the following.

Five months ago I was working full time while studying at University. At some point everything was great, you know. I was in a pretty good routine. Every day I would wake up, workout, go to work/university. I was running a couple projects on the side as well. During the evening I usually spent time with the people I love. For the weekends we made plans, we would go to different cities, explore, went snowboarding/skiing/kayaking etc. Took vacations from work/studies and traveled around for short periods of time.

That balloon of comfort I had created suddenly blew-up.

I knew a chapter of my life was about to end, meaning university and moving out from the place I lived. However, I did not expect it to turn that way – the relationship I was in ended and with that all the plans and expectations were gone, long-story-short. The routine I had quickly fell apart. On top of that, it all happened at once and with such speed that it all felt like a dream. It just did not seem real at that point.

Pull yourself together it’s time to make decisions.

I decided that it is time for self-reflection and re-evaluation on my life. I applied for an Erasmus program in Gran Canaria. I thought there is no better place to do that than a sub-tropical island. Afterward, I quit my job. That way I was able to focus on my studies in order to pass my exams and defend my bachelor thesis. Because if I didn’t finish on time, I am not allowed to participate in the project.

People at some point in their lives will have to make decisions that will take them down different routes, and the routes people choose will determine what journey they may face and what will become of their future.

Two days after I finished with university, successfully. I was on a plane to the Canarian Islands.

It was these decisions that took me down to a different path.

I have been here for almost 3 months… working on different projects. Trying new things out such as podcasting and vlogging. Just as planned, I have a lot of time with myself for reflecting and self-actualizing. Meditating, journaling, visualizations. I bought myself a surf, a dream came true!


Slowly I went into a routine again. Different routine, but still a routine.

I would wake up go surfing and meditating on the beach. Then I would go to work and in the evenings we spent time discussing different ideas, philosophizing about life, reading books, journaling. On the weekends we go to explore the island.

I am so thrilled about surfing, that I started the wave a day challenge.

Again everything was in order when things started to happen, out of the blue.


First I lost my camera while surfing, so I had to postpone the challenge. I fixed that issue by getting a new one.

A day after that guess what?

We lost the car. It was on the wrong spot at the wrong time. Turned out that the guy we bought it from had put a fake sticker for the technical examination drove it for half a year and then sold it to us. Also, the car does not have an insurance as well and now the police are investigating the case and therefore we cannot use the car. 

Without a car, it is really difficult to go anywhere. It takes forever. Besides that, we are breaking the contract with our host and therefore we need to start looking for a new place to live until the rest of our stay here.

Time to figure out what’s next,

Because now I know that the decisions I make now will influence what will happen next, big time. Meanwhile, a thousand other things are happening. Need to stay focused.

The Takeaway.

Life never stops, right? The things you think are here to stay, are the quickest to come and go.

Based on all of these experiences I often ask myself what is to come next… unpredictability is what makes life thrilling, right? Because uncertainty leaves room for the unexpected. Never alter your decision because of unforeseen. Life is full of sudden surprises that keep you on the move. To embrace uncertainty we need a change in perspective. We need to yield to life, not oppose it. It means having faith and confidence that life will work itself out if we just leave the events to play out.

As Steve Jobs says:

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”


“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, Infinite possibilities open up in your life.” — Eckhart Tolle

Taka chances my friend, do not regret making bold decisions, do not overthink. Go with the flow, the mistakes you now make will be the bone of the success you will reach later. Mistakes are valuable lessons. I am not certain about that, that’s what I believe in.


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