Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Conor McGregor


Fighting is flowing in everyone’s blood, it is the instinct for life, it’s the essential of it.


From the moment when the newborn is taking its first breath of air to the male tribal fighting for territory, for food and treasures, fighting for honor and glory, for the truth and moral values, fighting for your dignity, fighting to protect, fighting for the thrill, it is all a question of a male existence and dominance.

Tonight in the civilized world there is going to be a super fight between the top fighters Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov. They are going to fight for lightweight division champion, category 146 to 155 lb (66 to 70 kg). This is the biggest and most paid fight ever in the history of UFC organization and in this game. It is so special not only because they are two of the best fighters, but also because their psychologies are totally different.

As a male, also a martial arts fighter I will share personal opinion and observations over the upcoming event. Because it’s not only the physical fight that is going to come tonight, but there is also mental, which plays a big role before the contenders enter the octagon, their psychology,  fighting style, face offs, mindset, press-conferences all of this small details are part of the fight which matters when the cage get closed.

Mystic Mac


Conor McGregor with a record (21/3), was two weigth divisions champion in the same time. Now he is the challenger for this title since he was out for 2 years. McGregor  is a striker, with highest fighting IQ, putting pressure in the fights, looking to finish the opponent with knockout, he is called Mystic Mac not by a chance, he did a unbelievable predictions about how he is going to win. Conor reads and studies his opponent and his weaknesses and use them actively in his power, visualizing in his mind not only the fight but any possible position that may happen, from where comes his strong confidence that he has. From my experience I can confirm that this method of visualization and hardwork works since I did used it and won in competition over 18 other guys.

Trash- talking is also part of McGregor’s arsenal before the fights, which can put his opponent mentally down or angry and  may cause his poor performance after. The only problem that I did see in his psychology is his ego that he got and build throught the years and in fights, in some moment this plays really negative role. But in the show business ego is winning money and that is what he wants.


The Degeastan Bear


On the other side stays Khabib Nurmagomedov from Degestan, with record (26/0) who was grown in the mountains, living a simple life, wrestling with baby bears as a child and doing combat sambo and wrestling  almost all his life. He is two-time Combat Sambo World Champion and now he is still undefeated in UFC. Absolutely humble guy, confident in his skills, he is not aiming at money or fame just wants to be undefeated champion. His ritual is to show that his power is comming from his God and he is just the doer, this is giving him complete freedom to fight free, no matter if he lose, he is there to smash the other guy.

Khabib in my opinion already won this fight.

Ttonight he will just go and finish Conor McGregor and will remain undefeated champion. McGregor is angry, like the gorilla that is going to lose the jungle kingdom, he lost his temper many times also on today’s weight ins while slapping Khabib’s  hands, trying to kick him which is weakness. In the previous press conferences he did tried his best of trash talking to put Khabib out of balance, but  The Eagle remained calm and humble once in all situations which makes Conor more aggressive and unfocused.

This fight will show just how important is to put your ego away in everything you do.

Trust faith, got a purpose and a goal in life, work for them and faith know where to send you and what to do with you, win or lose, never lose hope in your path in life. Doesn’t matter in what God you believe, in nature, cosmic energy, stars or unicorns. Really doesn’t matter, if you trust this power and you are thankful for everything that it sends your way then you will be clear and free in your life.

Tonight Khabib is going to sweep his ego of his pants and is going to enter the octagon ready to win, but lets not underestimate Conor McGregor and his one shot KO’s. Really, cant wait to see this brutal fight, Khabib won it.


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