Join the Movement Culture!

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A short introduction in the movement culture. The reason why we need to exercise more.

How many hours do you spend per day sitting or lying around? But I know, it’s your job on the computer…

It Doesn’t Matter

As long as you move enough! But walking isn’t enough and the gym neither.


Just those are not engaging the whole body in the process of movement. But fitness is pursuing only aesthetics and its foundation is to isolate movement to work on a single body part(muscles). Walking it’s healthy of a curse, do not get me wrong.  However, I am giving you a little more faith here, to do more.

To Enjoy more!

I believe you can.

I am talking about:

Dancing, Martial arts, Free Run, Yoga, Breakdancing, Acrobatics, Swimming and much more.

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

You Can

And please do not say can’t. That’s alright I am not master performer in any of those. However, it is the willingness to learn that counts. The courage to step in and do something new and learn to enjoy it. We all know it’s gonna be hard at first. Countless hours of repetition are there to be made. I know you have the time, the question is – Do you have the patience?

Sometimes exactly those things that you hate become the things you love to do, if you push a little bit harder.

Physical exercises are essential in our modern world.

And that used to be common sense back in the last century and earlier.

Comfort changed everything …

Our couches and our ergonomic office chairs. On top of it, we use cars and other vehicles. From home to the office and vice versa. But do not forget the elevator, we all love it.

Here I want to mention Ido Portal, a man who is creating something different.

The “movement culture“.

All these acrobatic tricks mixed with some basic animal movements reveal the full potential of the human body. And perhaps we might be still far away from that excellence, but it is possible. And use that video as a reminder.

Do not quit, work in progress.

Join The Movement Culture

Photo by Pedro Araújo on Unsplash

To make that shift, from your ordinary routine. You have to make something click.

Changing your habits is part of the process.

The World Helth Organization recommends about 8000 steps daily. Which is roughly 6 kilometers(3,75 miles). And that is nothing.

Taking massive action is going to get you where you want. And that’s how you get there, by moving.

It could be everything. We are all different, accustomed to certain things. And you can still find one that suits you. Even speed walking and funny things like this. Yet mastery, once achieved, is where you want to stay.

Find your sport and join our tribe.

Connect with our body.

Share and Enjoy !

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