Is Willpower Gifted?

You know that thing that always takes an effort to do and you always put aside. And perhaps they are more such things. It’s not only one. You don’t fell like doing anything. Welcome to the club. Who doesn’t like to be lazy on sunday’s morning?
Having a day to chill out is perfectly fine, however there is this notion of “winning the day by winning your morning”. Why is that? 
Every morning upon waking up we have that full tank of willpower. After every temptation to make the easier decision we tap in it. And by the end of the day it slowly decreases. Time is priceless and we all now it. And especially early in the morning. Apply a 90 min concentration ritual in the morning, first thing after getting out of bed. You will do a big part of your daily routine. It might sound crazy, but in winter time is even better to get up early to get shit done. ultimately that is 5 am. Going to sleep at 10 pm is going to solve that equation to you. I am switching my schedule to implement this in my life as well. It give you time to work on yourself. We all have the option to do it, it is matter of choice to select it. And going to sleep early is not the single thing that gives you more willpower. You just need to preserve it. We all have the same amount, the only difference is how we use it.

Are you the one who usually seeks the first gratification hit from external sources, or you are  taking that opportunity to express yourself and excel.

It is very common that we don’t seize the right moment to show what we have. This gift, that skill or something that we care about. Simply sharing it with the world gives you power to connect with other people. And that is absolutely possible. It just takes a moment to be done. And patience to seal the process. It is hard, I know even it may be difficult to share it with your closest social circle, friends and relatives. Conversely it will make more aware and responsible to keep that creative frame developing. It will make you more accountable and self discipline to do more of your craft.

Willpower is priceless

Through the day we see all those temptations wich are subjective to everybody. One can crave chocolates or cigarets. Doesn’t matter what is it, mostly “bad habits” its easier to momentarily snap back to action on your goal. That way you are not going to dwell on setbacks. A way to protect your reserve of willpower is while removing everything tempting from your eyesight.
PS: Be careful with evenings, that is our weak spot. It gets very hard to resist that coca cola or snacks after 10pm. 

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