Intentional Desires

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Have you ever want anything that bad that becomes true at last?

The power of one’s intention to fulfill his agenda could be dangerous, yet powerful tool to achieve goals.

Law of attraction has defined a bit how intention could serve us good to achieve our goals. Yet it could be taken in a twisted way. Action should support your goal tasks and even massive action. Many people relax and believe that law of attraction means to sit down and wait until you are given your wishes.

From my little life experience, I know that there a few ways to tackle your desires. It is only a matter of deciding which path you are going to undertake.

intentional desires
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First, we need to define our desires.

Second, we should select which of them we would like to pursue.

Focus on one thing at a time.

I want to draw a line here between desires and needs. A distinction should be set. Needs are fundamental and essential for your survival on our planet Earth. Such as water, food, and shelter, friends. I am not speaking about them here. Conversely, desires are those things that are a natural projection of your aspirations. Desires are for your soul, not your body. Everything that the fourth drive has to do with it. You can read more here about how everybody understands the fourth drive. However, despite all opinion is exactly what is pulling you to do extreme things and everything giving you an excellent experience.

Where Does Our Intention Fit in The Whole Picture?

Sometimes we are hesitant to pursue our desires, that is due to many factors, and that is where intention comes in play. Not everything you set your intention to will be yours. It is a first time, a low degree of desire towards that thing you want. I believe the intention is the signal of our spontaneous self being activated. Hence, planting the seed [your intention] to grow, breaking up the ground and expanding more as becoming a tree [your desire].

intentional desires
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Realize the power of intention. Your intention. Everything you put your mind into would grow much faster than to do it on the side.

Sometimes I am scared of my intentions. That is normal, I conclude based on my observation of myself. A scenario when you want to drive fast, you are behind the wheel and speeding up to give a little more joy for the soul by driving faster. We all have different limits, but at some point, you would speed up that much that you may rethink to slow down. Not for anything else, but do not let yourself surpass your conscious control.

Here Is What I Mean By That

In extreme cases, as driving fast car or snowboarding, etc there is that threshold we don’t want to cross. If we do we might not come back whole. It is the intention that we secretly know we can do this, but being hesitant in those moments is the most dangerous.

Either you speed up or call back.

That is when we resist flow. Being hesitant will eventually break you out of Flow.

It is a sign because you are not doubling between other decision options. Also, your prefrontal cortex, inside your brain is still operating. Only when you manage to shut it down through deep focus and conditions to provoke you in a relaxed state of mind. In which you can cross your boundaries by meeting your skills with new challenges.

intentional desires
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I often want to get into a flow state, but something [resistance] is pulling me back at the same time. To let go of it you have to take this two things into account.

  • Do you trust yourself to shut down and leave your unconscious mind to navigate the rest of the scenario?
  • How determined are you to chase this desire and put the pedal to the metal?

Getting to meet your plans is sweet. But not always easy, some things are beyond your internal locus of control. It is the act of predictions that includes factors outside your reach and scope of adjustment. Nevertheless attempting to meet your own goals is stretching yourself outside your established norms. Thus leading to the new ground we transcend ourselves. Brick by brick every small success, meeting your plans/goals, compounds. And again your intentions show-casting your shadow a bit.

Sometimes is great luck to not get what you want.

Dalai Lama

It is true that we are sometimes confused. Raising above your confusion as Paul Watzwallik says in “How Real is Real?” is the first stem to reason reality deeper.

I would like to make a share my own experience

Danger Alert

Flipping out while being in flow is something that certainly would pull you out of state. Whether that state is flow and other non-ordinary states of mind. But especially while doing some peak performance activities you don’t want to lose the state. And set your mind to something that might excite you might not appear as easy when being tested.

Beware of your intentions and the danger zone where your skills no longer cover the requirements to pass the challenge.


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