Who Are We in the Information Society?


From the rise of the World Wide Web, we have changed our lifestyle for the 3rd time.

Once after the steam engine and second one after the light bulb. And here we are today using all the knowledge from our ancestors. What do we do with it?

While everybody has different interests, we all need information to increase our quality of life.

So we are part of an Information society.

Speaking of which, it is like a hungry wolf, like it never gets fed, no matter how much food you give him. And we are part of it. It is human nature that we always seek more, more clothes, more shoes, more food and especially more information. We are dependent on it daily.

Putting Technology Away

When was the last time you spent a day without a phone or a laptop?

Lucky me my laptop broke for a few days age this week. The point is that we continuously use information even if we are not aware of it.

At first glance, simple operations like checking for the weather forecast and watching the news, planning a trip, commuting to work while using maps seems like very normal. Yet they still require a significant use of data.

Here it is a very simple picture vividly showing the information model. First data emerges into information, on which we can gain knowledge based on the context. And finally, if we apply that knowledge we might get a wisdom out of it.

information society
Information Pyramid. Data Science

data => information => knowledge => wisdom

As you can see wisdom is on the top of the pyramid. It is the ultimate holy grail. I do cherish wisdom, that’s why I recommend massive action towards direct experiences.

You can gain wisdom only through first-hand experiences.

Business creates and uses the information there is a constant loop around it. Because information is money. It is money only if you know how to use it. And here we are getting to consume whatever we want. And sometimes for free. But do we value it?

The Transition

This 3rd industrial shift is making our choices different as our possibilities. We move from local citizen to global citizen. I am speaking more about the transition of our age here.

That is giving us a lot of possibilities for sharing ideas and meeting new people. It might start virtually but it doesn’t take long to be paste in the real world. That’s where the real action takes place. That’s where change happens. And we all want to get the positive outcomes, but it this starts with positive inputs. Someone needs to dial the first bit of data.

information society
Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash


As we get along with technology revolution we gain that superpower to create more.

Switching from CONsumer to PROsumer.

We all know what is a consumer means. Prosumer, briefly, is an individual, not a professionalist, who can create media by consuming it. That might be a photo lover getting in touch with a camera and producing his content. But the critical point is that you create on top of your initial consumption. That is what businesses do too.

Are You a Creator or Consumer?

Information is addictive as many bad things, perhaps even more. Can you resist a beep from your cell phone without looking at it? It is super hard, maybe you can resist it when you have a meeting, but we all know what is the first thing what we do when we enter the restroom. Click, click …

Manage your information diet as well as your food diet.

And there is nothing wrong as far as you controlling your informational intake. It can be so overwhelming, and that is what I want to prevent you from having.

Get in tune with yourself and find out if there is any benefit that you gain from that news or TV show or movies.

And don’t get me wrong they are a lot of them which are remarkable, but they should serve you a purpose. Entertainment is assumed to be relaxing, but not by all means. A fun solution is to try making an origami after a short YouTube video. Make it relevant to you. But without action information is useless.

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