In Search for the Sweet Spot

On a quest for finding your sweet spot. Where balance is.

Life is a constant battle between pain and pleasure. With trying to reach something and getting rest in the mean time. It is a matter of balance. Where everything is perfectly measured in a way that do not overwhelm or bore us. That is the sweet spot we are looking for.
Turn you’re searching mode on to enable you’re searching tools. We all have those superpowers that make luck happen for us. But it somehow occurs to happen only when we have put the work for it before hand. Proactive search is the key.
Searching is an art form, doesn’t matter what your quest is. It requires a lot of sacrifices and of them is time. To be patient and achieve results. To find the way that will take to your destination. And most importantly your goal, your deeper mission for life. Goal setting is important for acknowledging your current location and identifying where you want to go. However, we often are getting on a crossroad, during that process of execution. Than we discover something else that we want to focus on. We dwell on it, but it feels even more congruent. That is why our first goal is never our true quest. Imagine it like a onion’s head, which layers you peel each time you set a deeper goal. That is actually how you reach to the core. With action towards every single step of the process.

Structure is limiting us and it is self-sabotaging, although it sometimes help us. Searching is a flexible process. Keep your eyes open. Like the famous quote says “Everything you have ever searched for is here, inside you”, but you never took a closer look. However, I think changing your context is the trigger to let those hidden locks crack. Constantly exposing yourself to those challenging environments and diving into them.
On the flip side, it is crucial to lay back, reflect and relax. Time is everything you have, that’s why it matters to do those in the right moment. And here is where art comes into play. In my opinion it derives its creative nature from intuition, “six sense” whatever you want to call it. It is a necessary to stop before you burnout, but not if you are just fearful. At that is what a true seeker gets right. Experience helps to get into the right moment.

Winners tend to win, and losers tend to lose.

Get more confidence if you don’t have enough by managing your goals. Set a smaller steps to achieve them easily. Or if you are confident get a little bit optimistic and set goals that are beyond your current reach. Those two strategies will help you to get on the right train. 

What do you really get out of it?

Balance is the ultimate spot where we imagine ourselves to be, isn’t it? We have those pictures painted for the future that we have all figured it out and we just sit and do nothing. Rather peace comes from accepting the fact we are solders of our own fortune. And fortune is to get created, thus creation requires action. My philosophical self imagines it like this. If interpret “action” for pain and “non-action” for a pleasure. Balance is in between. And that is for life. If you change the process, balance changes too.
PS: Reaching that sweet spot is committing yourself to the single thing you are willing to burn for. Which is healing in action.

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