How to Snap Out of the Safe Lane?

In this age of time we are radical losing sense of our understanding how things works.
During teenage years we learn how to socialize despite all. And we grow personally in terms of identity. That, for the most part, remains the same through our lives. But what doesn’t is our cognitive sens-making.
What I really mean is that our appeal of how the world operates, for example businesses, NGO, government, communities and so on. Is reduced to overlooking design. It is first time of history that we started making ourselves smarter cognitively. We can go in a lot of depth to study, but not so much in terms of understanding and connecting with others.

It perhaps has started after the second World War and the being of the Cold War. When innovation got us out of our heads looking forward to something. Deliberating searching something that will substitute the default depression state. Because thinking about doing something we desire is saving us from our boredom/fear. Some are more prone to except fear and restrain themselves so there grow, others accept boredom. And we can see that in elders where they become more and more used to the rotation of things in their daily life.
It is overwhelming to accumulate so much information and not get it. It is maybe a time to accept the quest of making things more transparent. Only a few people understand what is really happening. A clarification is needed. How the world works. Is it that ordinary people can’t climb the ladder to reach success? Or if they do, is that going to make them happy?
Or maybe more important questions (take 5 min to answer them):

  1. What is the point of being rich and famous when you are not happy?

2. And if you assume happiness is bound to material success what happens when you lose it?
3. How does that change our identity?
Well more and more people go mad after much drama and despair. We have seen that in TV shows and life. We mimic them to follow society, avoid looking weird. That is a limiting perception.

“He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.”
–Ralph Waldo Emerson

What entrepreneurs and hippies, rebels and all those small communities have in common is that they seek understanding. It is a crave for the truth. It is a quest to rediscover the hidden treasure. We all have died to in our boredom and fear before. But some of us make it out of it. They pick their vision and let the odds play to their favor. By working hard they show discipline and will. By acting on the idea its net worth increase, which makes it wroth spreading.

That’s why creatives need some risk tolerance to go in for the kill. And that might be radical and bold move. In order to “burn the boats” and do their work. It is like giving up all your getaways backward by choosing only one possible way. It is a powerful way to do something wroth exploring by committing to it. But it could be very much dangerous if you misunderstand it to do something that isn’t going to work. In reality you are rolling the dice. Which entails the big responsibility of any consequences after the fact on your shoulders. So what do you choose?

Safety lane or creative path?

There is a beauty to connect with others on personal level. It seals values and makes those people know each for years. Even though they might have been met the same day. It is enhancing time. There are many forms of expressing yourself and they are all arts.

Pick yours and share.


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