How to Create Your Own Social Norms?

What are social norms for us? And how to change them if we don't like them.

Everybody talks about modern society today, moving from old-fashioned traditional habits to more efficient high-tech massaging apps. Is that the future way of communication ? Or there is a better way to approach somebody? 
It is a hard question, at least I haven’t found the right answer yet. Some of us are more introverted and others are extroverted. We all know that extroverts draw energy, when having conversation with people and conversely introverts gain energy in solitude. And that topic has become so mainstream, where society pushes us to be always socially active, aka extroverts. But here is what we might miss sometimes.
The truth is that we are both in the same time. But some of us are more of extrovert than others and some of us are more introvert than others. Those are the two ends of the same spectrum. Those personal qualities are coming from the Myers-Brings model, but not so far the only criteria for a real vs online communication.
When we move from small cities to big metropolises we enter that new level of society. Where we don’t have that much friends as we have used to in the small city. But there is no problem, dating businesses and modern technology are working together for us. They have created an online solution for those of us who justify themselves as “introverted”. It is easier to get online and message somebody without the need of going out. Even as an extrovert i am willing to do that more often. When was the last time you decided to go alone to meet new friends. Is that scary?

Here is the main reason why we stay so much indoors nowadays. Technology have changed a lot of our lifestyle. That is no secret for anybody. But the way it changed human communication is unbelievable. We have erased so much “social operations” from last century that some of us, haven’t even tried. For example going to the library instead of looking something online, doing your laundry  in some public place, buying magazines and newspapers. And a lot of other meetings like auctions and other social activities that nowadays are being held online, instead of in the real world.

Add more randomness in your life. That’s how new stories happen.

Push notifications are constantly poking is for attention. They are seriously taking advantage of our space and time. Because being alone isn’t praised in society. In fact I would say that is mandatory to have those moments for yourself. It makes us relax and detach from work and obligations. And reconnect with ourselves. That time is needed in order to establish your own boundaries. Otherwise we are constantly being called to join someone elses event and neglect ourselves . Those boundaries are preserving our goals. That is the true power of being alone for a while. Also it adds a possibility of randomness in your life. Think about how many interesting stories can happen if you decide to be free and outgoing for while.
Leaving technology for a while will make us far more outgoing. Doesn’t matter if you are extroverted or introverted. When was the last time you didn’t have a laptop at home or a phone? Those moments also improve our attention spawn to recover and help our decision-making skills get better.
PS: Modern society offers us the great opportunity to choose how to design our lifestyles. Being liberal, not traditional. But you have to disconnect from the mainstream first 🙂

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