Happiness is For Free

Happiness is for free
Happiness is for free! What a simple, yet confusing phrase. Check why and how.

Do you believe me that happiness is for free? You need to keep on reading than.

While modern society tells you to chase money, fame, career, and status that is rarely the way leading to happiness. It’s superficial, meaning it covers the pure and real joy of life.

The problem

Misunderstandings of how the western world pursuit happiness are rooted deep down in our society’s culture. The “western society”. But you can change the story that you are telling yourself.

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Sharing is caring”you might hear before. And also by sharing what you have, you “buy” happiness. But there isn’t any transaction for that trade. You don’t get any receipt. Being outcome dependent when sharing something will corrupt the appreciation from the receiving end. It is meant to be unselfishly.

Happiness multiplies when it’s shared.

When you have nothing to eat, but snickers, are you willing to share it with a person in need?

I guarantee you that by giving him half, just half of that snickers, you will get satisfaction. That joy will feed you like you are all of it by yourself. Simple right?

Apply With Patience

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But what often stands by our way is that we are in a hurry.

All the time chasing some tasks, dribbling balls into our court. That adds a lot of pressure and sometimes it is unnecessary. Yeah, we will now that, you would say. What is the solution then?

Cultivate patience, a lot of patience. It is rarely enough. Patience for ourselves and patience for others. And don’t mistake patience with procrastination. Procrastination is when you constantly slack off. It is when you try to avoid action. Where patience is when you still act, but with a slower tempo.

A simple question to convince yourself to the slowdown is:

What would it happen if I get this thing one week later?

Most likely you aren’t going to lose that much as you first thought if anything.

Realize What You Already Have

A book that I love is “The Unified Theory of Happiness” written by Andrea Poland. It gives an essential understanding of how our western society chase happiness, compared to eastern society. Moreover, she gives the methods they use. In general:

  • Western society pursuits happiness by improving their areas of life, which are well developed.
  • Eastern society pursuits happiness by appreciating everything they already have.

And due to the general audience as my origin, we would need to focus more on the eastern philosophy. Mindfulness and meditation are coming hand in hand in this case.

And as the sages say first look inward, then outward.

Take the journey towards understanding yourself better.

Those are just a few thoughts on the subject.


Ps: Do you like reggae music?

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